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There are over 200 marketing agencies in Manchester.  

These range from small design studios to larger full service marketing agencies that offer a range of marketing services.  

Services such as public relations, website design and advertising.  Many branding companies in Manchester are experts in local promotion.

Just fill in the form to talk with a marketing agency that is local and knows your industry.

Choosing Someone Local

We do advise you to use someone local, rather than an agency that is in another town or city in the UK. 

Marketing agencies in Manchester are more likely to work harder than an agency that is hundreds of miles away.  As they will not be able to hide behind e-mails and explain themselves.  

A meeting is high advised for a few reasons.  Many agencies make claims on their websites about the clients they have worked with, or awards they have won.  

At a meeting you can investigate this. A meeting gives you the chance to get to know the team, and your account manager.  They should be able then to get a better understanding of your business.  

If they understand your business, they should be able to communicate your message effectively.  As marketing agencies in Manchester as local, review meetings are also a good idea.  This is to see how the campaign is progressing and brainstorm ideas of where improvements can be found.

Selecting Someone With Industry Experience

All marketing agencies in Manchester have different industry experience based on their backgrounds. 

The industry experience could be the travel sector, IT, medical, engineering, finance or retail.  Some marketing agencies in Manchester are very focused and only work in specific industry markets.

We do advise working with an agency that has had experience in your industry. 

They should be able to get you better marketing results quicker.  

Sitting down with someone local to discuss your marketing strategy should result in a better campaign as it is well thought out.

Compare Multiple Marketing Quotes

All marketing agencies in Manchester are independent companies.  They all set their own rates, therefore their monthly fees will vary considerably.  

For this reason, shopping around for quotes is essential.  As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the best agency for the lowest price.

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