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There are around 15 PR agencies in York, mainly freelance journalists and smaller PR studios.  

There are somewhere in the region of 400 marketing companies in York, many of which offer additional marketing services such as branding, graphic design and advertising.

York generally has a strong base of agencies within its ancient walls and a strong resource for local businesses.  

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Using A Local Company

As a business based in York, it is advisable to use an agency in or around city, really for the reason that it makes it much easier when scheduling meetings. 

There are thousands of media companies around the UK and it is only logical to use a local one.

Meeting an agency is important, certainly in the early days, as you can get to know them and they can get to know you.  You can get a feel for what the agency is like, their culture and how they work. 

A meeting also gives you the chance to quiz them about their background in your industry.

Follow up meetings are always good, as it gives you a chance to discuss how the campaign is going.  Also they are more likely to push for results if they know they need to meet you face to face.

Should you need web support, there are many web designers in York that could be of help.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Comparing PR costs is always wise, as all have different prices.  There is no industry standard, so each firm will set their own prices due to their overheads, staff numbers and profit margins.

There are generally three things that need to be considered when choosing an  agency:

  • Local – ideally based in/around York
  • Experienced – they have worked in your industry
  • Cost – they have fair and transparent pricing

Should you not be able to find any local PR agencies in York, there are hundreds PR agencies In Yorkshire that are local, covering a multitude of markets and industries.  Many are members of the CIPR and similar PR bodies.

As a price comparison website, we want to help you get quotes from PR agencies in York.  To help you find the best agency for the lowest price.  

PR agencies in York can give you free advice and quotes to compare.

A Few Words About York

It is best known for its strong Viking and Roman roots, with many of the archaeological structures still remaining and inspiring later architecture. 

Jórvík (the Viking name) also has a top university, the world famous York Minster and a growing service industry (in the 1990’s it was based around rail and chocolate manufacture).

York developed due to it’s location on the River Ouse and due to the tidal flow from the River Humber. 

This made it a stategic outpost for the Viking traders as they came, saw and conquered. 

The Romans were the first to settle in York and the first mention of York (Eboracum) was on a wooden tablet found at the Northumberland fortress of Vindolanda.  

The Vikings followed the Romans around 866 AD and JORVIK Viking Centre is a great place offering a glimpse into Viking life in York.  

It was the Romans who originally built the walls surrounding the city, and part of their stonework can still be seen.  But most were built in the 11th century onwards, along with numerous towers such as Clifford’s Tower, which was the keep of York Castle, and the scene of the massacre of 150 Jews in 1189.

In more recent years, York played an important role in the rail industry and as the 20th century came in, it employed around 5,500 staff.

Most of the employment is in the service industries,  information technology and tourism.  

Current population according to council details is around 200,000.

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