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PR For Card CompaniesPublic Relations Support For Your Greeting Card Business

PR for card companies is very popular, and is becoming even more so.  

The issue is that finding the right PR agency is difficult, as there are so many to choose from in the UK.  

We always advise talking with agencies that have experience in doing PR for card companies.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from 5 local PR companies that have experience in the card industry.

Greeting Cards In The UK

Steadily, the UK is sending more and more cards, with cards available for almost anything:

  • Birthday cards
  • Anniversary cards
  • Get Well Soon cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Joke Cards
  • Valentines, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Pets Day

In fact, most of the occasion days (eg Father’s Day) were invented by card companies.

The card industry is a multi billion pound business and is growing every year.

Card Shops (High Street)

There are the main greeting card shops that dominate the high street:

  • Clinton Cards
  • Birthdays (now owned by Clinton Cards)
  • The Card Factory

There are many independent card shops, that are not linked to the main chains above, and most supermarkets offer their own selection of branded cards.

On-line Greeting Cards

As the internet has expanded, so to has the number of on-line greeting card companies.  Some are purely on-line, some advertise themselves on TV, yet are on-line, but this sector is growing quickly:

  • Moonpig
  • Funkypigeon
  • Hallmark
  • Hattyboots

Hallmark is the longest established greeting card company, founded in the US in 1910, but it is not the more popular here in the UK.

Industry Competition

The card industry is indeed growing, and is becoming more and more competitive, as new companies join the industry.  Some are using TV advertising to boost their profile, some are using on-line marketing (PPC advertising); but all are competing to take a greater proportion of the industry.

Most people these days either go to a card shop, or use the internet to order online.  Website visibility there is very important for card companies.

Media Focus

Card companies are using a wide variety of brand marketing tools to raise their image and encourage more customers.

The online card companies have the advantage of lower running costs than the high street card companies.  However most people do prefer looking at cards in a shop rather than viewing them online.

For both sorts of company, public relations does play a big part in creating brand awareness.

The battle between shops and on-line card companies is competitive, and PR agencies do aid in creating the media buzz by keeping press articles appearing.

Compare Multiple Prices

PR for card companies does not have to be expensive, however you do need to shop around.  PR prices do vary considerably as all PR agencies set their own fees.  As a price comparison website, we do encourage you comparing quotes.  

We want to help you find the best agency, for the lowest price.  

PR for card companies can be very effective, fill in the form to see how.

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