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PR For ChurchesGet Press Exposure For Your Church

PR for churches is becoming more popular as many churches start to use marketing and promotion.  

We do however highly recommend talking with PR agencies that have done PR for churches before.  

Whether they have worked directly for a church in the past, or a Christian organisation, they would be relevant.

Just fill in the form to get free advice from PR companies who work with churches and christian organisations.

Do You Need Media Support

There are many different sorts of churches in the UK spanning the various Christian denominations.  

Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostal, Non Dom, Evangelicals, Anglicans and Catholics, to name but a few; and all need media representation.  

Additional church outreaches like the Alpha course do benefit from good PR support to get the message into the mainstream media.

The wider media keeps an eye on what in the world the Church is doing, and delight to mishear it’s voice.

The Vatican has its own PR representation due to the size of the official church, and they have significant media spending to promote their values and goals.  

The Church of England also use PR to great effect.

Many smaller church groups also need a voice in today’s busy world and to reach out to make a difference to their communities.

Media Support For Christian Projects

Marketing for religious groups is important.  PR is all about creating brand awareness, and many projects that the church supports need to have good representation:

  • Mercy Ships – Offering compassion and meeting surgical needs in the world’s poorest nations
  • BRASACC – Christian rape and sexual support group
  • Alpha Course – Introducing Christianity
  • The Besom – Christian support group for the needy around Basingstoke
  • Columbia Childcare UK – Providing hope and support to the poorest children in Columbia
  • Links International – teaching healthcare, agriculture and nutrition, alongside provision of micro-finance to impoverished nations.

The Christian community in our nation have so many projects, both inside and outside of the UK.  These help the needy, give hope to the poor and change the world in which we live. 

For these, there is a need for PR agencies to get involved.  To bring these important projects into the media spotlight, to encourage people to volunteer and provide support.

Christian PR Agencies

From the many thousands of  PR agencies around the UK, it is good for those with Christian values and beliefs to help and support the many important projects that are going on. 

Many Christian projects change lives and improve the living standards of so many needy people that would otherwise be cast aside as unnecessary.

Compare Multiple Prices

PR prices do vary, as PR companies are independent businesses that set their own fees.  It is wise to shop around and compare quotes on PR for churches.  

As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the best PR agency for the lowest price.

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