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PR for florists is becoming more popular as many florists are using this cost effective form of marketing.

The only issue is finding a suitable PR agency, as there are hundreds of PR companies that have varied industry experience.  

We always advise talking with agencies that have experience of doing PR for florists.  

PR in 2020 is changing to support more smaller companies on the high street as we see the decline and recession.

Just fill in the form opposite to get free advice and quotes from5 local PR agencies that know about marketing for florists. The flower industry is a blooming sector at the moment, as flowers are a timeless way to communicate feelings and emotions.


For anyone that is ill, sick or dying, a colourful bunch of flowers are uplifting and communicate care and well being.  They have traditionally been used at funerals, and always will be a way to communicate love and respect to the departed.


Flowers always play a central part in any wedding.  Whether for a lavish royal wedding in a cathedral setting, such as the wedding of Prince William and Kate, or a small church wedding. 

White is normally the flower of choice that communicates new birth and hope for the new couple in their new life together.

Birthdays and Occasions

For many people who are overseas or unable to make a friend or family birthday, sending a bouquet of flowers by means of ‘Interflora’, or a similar courier, is a popular way to communicate their love if not in body, at least in mind and spirit.

Valentine’s Day

This is a major day in the calender of any floral company, and an incredibly busy time for the floral industry.

The Floral Industry In The UK

The flower sector is one that is highly competitive; one in which there is a growing number of businesses, both online and offline. 

The online market is one that is probably the one that is growing most quickly.  

With no shop overheads it is often cheaper for people to order on-line, than to go into a florist and choose an arrangement or bouquet there and then.

Organisations such as ‘Interflora‘ were the start of delivery whereby one would choose the bunch in a shop to then be phoned through and delivered.  Things have moved on since then as internet florists have grown, both UK based and worldwide.  

There are now dozens of online florists in the retail sector.

PR For The Industry

Looking at ways to promote you is difficult, to cause you to stand out and generate more local business. 

The competition from on-line is growing, so there is a clear need for you to market yourselves locally.  

The local media is a very effective marketing tool for you to advertise locally.  Low cost and targeted, it can raise brand awareness and create a buzz in the local community.  

PR for florists works really well, as it is low cost and can be regionally targeted.

Compare Multiple Quotes

As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the best PR support for the lowest price.  All agencies set their own fees. so PR prices do vary considerably.  

It is essential to shop around and compare quotes.

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