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PR for haulage is essential in this increasingly competitive industry.  The issue is finding the right PR company to handle the campaign.  As there are hundreds of PR agencies around, finding one that has experience in doing PR for haulage is hard.  Fill in the form to speak with PR companies that know the transport industry.

UK Haulage Companies

Around the UK there are hundreds of companies like yours; of all shapes and sizes from the large international firms, like Eddie Stobart, down to the man in his van. Goods of all types and sizes are now transported along our motorways, through our towns and our country roads:
  • Liquids – chemicals, drinks, milk, petroleum, alcohol
  • Foods – for all supermarkets
  • Military supplies
  • Building Products & Raw Materials
  • Clothing
  • Post – letters, parcels, goods ordered on-line
Virtually any product that can be considered or bought is transported on Britain’s roads, take it all away and there would be a 70% drop in traffic.

Growth In The Industry

Due to the growing population, there are more goods needed to service Britain’s rising numbers.  More goods equals more goods lorries, and more lorries equals more competition. Websites such as UK Haulier have been set up to bring the industry together, provide traffic updates, news, information and a directory listing of all the transport firms.

Competition In The Industry

As the haulage industry has grown and diversified, so too has the competition. Fuel costs have gone up a lot, which is great for the treasury as they get all the tax, which has hit transport companies causing some to close or merge. Cost is always an issue for the customer and as fuel costs have gone up, transport costs have also gone up.  Transport for many businesses is a big capital cost, and therefore negotiating to find cheaper or quicker companies makes the industry quite ruthless.

Media In The Industry

Positive PR is something that many companies need, due to the issues that they face from the media, environmentalists and police forces.  Companies may get into difficulty with police for speeding, drink driving, poor driving standards and mostly for over driving (driving more hours than they are allotted to). The Media can be used for lead generation, for generating new transport contracts and more customers.  Many companies use traditional forms of marketing in order to market and generate new business.  Public relations does play a big part in the lead generation process; having a positive campaign raising your profile sets the your company out as being reliable and trustworthy.  PR for haulage companies can also be used for brand awareness. Consider a large business and how their brand would be affected by a transport company that was involved in drink driving, speeding and even causing a road accident.  It would not help the brand of the client as they are implicated, so as such haulage companies need to have a clean record.  PR is a great tool for creating a positive media image and creating the brand.

Environmental PR

One thing that you get negative press about is your effect on the environment. The state of the trucks, the eco-friendliness of their transport or fuel economy.  Green marketing is an area that many road transport firms are trying to capture, by pushing towards low carbon fuels, better tyres and driving slower, they can create a good media image that can be used in a positive campaign.

Compare Multiple Quotes

All PR agencies in the UK set their own rates, depending on their experience, their overheads and their profit margins, so it is wise to shop around and obtain advice and quotes as PR prices vary a lot in the UK.  As a price comparison website, we want to help you get the best PR agency, for the lowest price.  PR for haulage companies can be very effective, let us show you how.

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