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PR for newspapers is important, in order to help with marketing, but also to handle media enquiries.  

Many newspapers use their own staff to do PR for newspapers, but sometimes it is necessary to use an external agency.  

We do always advise talking to a media agency that is used to working with larger media groups.

Just fill in the form to speak to PR agencies that work with newspapers.

Having a good reputation is important, and how you are perceived in the media, as a group, is essential for your brand.   The phone hacking scandal is a good example of why PR for newspapers is necessary.

Media Image For You

You will have your own media teams working hard almost daily in communicating with other media groups and sources.  But reputation only exists for as long as the story is published, as people forget things once a new story comes up in the morning.  One thing that many news companies look for is selling advertising.  Telemarketing for magazine advertising is very popular to sell advertising space.

Media Focus

Some of you will use external PR agencies as a think tank or for external support, which is very wise, as an extra pair of eyes is always good.  

An external public relations source can focus on a campaign that maybe your own PR consultants do not have the time to handle.

Image Is Everything

Media corporations need to have a clean image, one of honest reporting and being fair with their stories.  This is something that PR for newspapers can support with.

If you would like to get free advice and quotes on help with media support, without obligation, just fill in the form.  Like all price comparison websites, we want to help you find the best public relations  agency, for the lowest price.   

PR prices do vary, as all agencies set their own fees.  We do advise comparing quotes to find the right agency for your newspaper.

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