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Compare Quotes On Telemarketing For Magazine AdvertisingDoes Your Magazine Need Telemarketing Support?

Telemarketing for magazine advertising has been used for decades now, mainly because it is so effective.  

The problem for many magazines however is finding suitable lead generation agencies.  

Of the 450 n the UK,  finding agencies that can do telemarketing for magazines is difficult.

Rather than spending time on google looking through agencies, let us help.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from local telemarketing agencies that know about working for magazines.  

You can then compare quotes on telemarketing for magazine advertising.

Do You Need Telemarketing?

The way you are funded is through the adverts throughout the pages.  

We all dislike adverts, but if they were not used, there would be nothing to read.

All adverts come at a different price depending on where they are featured (meaning the amount of exposure they will receive).

In decending order the costs of pages go from: Front Page Advert (inside) Back Page (inside and outside Full Page Advert Half Page Advert Quarter Page Advert Classified Inserts

How To Generate Customers

Traditionally the way that you find advertisers is from cold calling.

Normally very hard work, selling advert space is essential to your income and an important form of exposure for the businesses that advertise in them.

Most companies will avoid advertising sales people and most companies get a lot of advertising calls.

Therefore you need to find new and innovative ways in order to target the right kind of advertisers.  So companies that would benefit from being seen in the publication and how to make the advertising sound attractive (as opposed to cheap).

Telemarketing for magazine advertising is a quick way to generate new leads.  

Another thing to consider is PR for newspapers, to get good media coverage.

Selling On Price

The mistake that a lot of telemarketeers do is to discount sell.

By selling on cost, the product is made cheap and considered low value.

Advertising can be expensive and yey can be very fruitful.

Sales has always been about ‘Benefit price Benefit’ and using readership stats to backup the value of having adverts occuring in the publication.


The goal is to find new customers, people to place adverts (which should help their businesses) via the calling.  

Lead generation is essential for doing this, in order for you to find new advertisers.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Comparing quotes is essential in today’s world of price comparison sites.  

As telemarketing prices do vary considerably, we do advice to shop around.

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