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PR For PhotographyGet Media Coverage For Your Photography Studio

PR for photography studios is becoming more and more popular as the industry grows, becoming more competitive.  

The problem however is finding the right public relations agency to work with, as there are so many around to choose from.  

We always advise talking to agencies that have done PR for photographers in the past.  If they have worked in the photographic sector in the past, they will be much better equipped to handle your campaign.  

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from 5 local PR companies that work in the photographic and camera industry.

Over the past 4 centuries, the camera has moved from a crude and basic ‘camera obscura’ to digital cameras on mobile phones. The first camera was produced in 1685; now 400 years later, they are an every day item.  

Most mobile phones now have a high powered camera integrated into them for everyday pictures.

Professional Pictures

Despite the rise of digital cameras, there is still a massive market for photographic studios, whenever important, high quality or creative images are required; and also for the traditional photographic process using film and processing.  

PR for photography studios is an essential form of marketing.


Digital photography is increasingly popular, especially since digital cameras started appearing on mobile phones. 

Prices have come come down, especially for compact cameras, capable of producing excellent images.  Camera shops like Jessops have felt this change in the market.  Editing software extends the range of effects that can be produced, and the opportunity to edit aspects which spoil the image.  

Professional digital work is popular for family events, and photographs can be used to create albums, mugs, coasters and all sorts of items.

For Weddings

No matter how good friends and family are at taking photos, nothing can replace a professional wedding photographer to capture that special moment on that special day.  

Wedding photography is highly competitive, with hundreds more opening each year.  PR for photography is great around weddings.

Marketing For You

As the market has grown, so to has the competition.  Many are now going freelance, having websites designed to showcase their work, and to draw in new business.  However standing out in the industry can be difficult with just a website. 

More is needed, and this is where different marketing tools come into play; public relations can help, as the marketing tool is designed to raise a businesses profile and create brand awareness

Most keep their marketing to a minimum, and media coverage is ideal, as it can be targeted locally, and is low cost.  Marketing for photographers is essential as the industry is growing more and more crowded.

Industry Focused Media

The camera industry ranges from the large companies, such as Kodak and Jessops, down to freelancers or independent shops offering equipment and services. This includes people on the ground to take the pictures for events and occasions.

Media support is a versatile marketing tool that can be used by any businesses involved in the sector, due to its ‘one size fits all’ marketing approach.

From the hundreds of PR companies around the UK, there are many that work in the photographic sector, and these are the ones it is recommended that photographic companies talk to, for advice and to compare costs.  

PR prices do vary considerably, so it is wise to shop around and compare quotes.  

As a price comparison website, we want to help you get the best media support for the lowest price.  PR for photography companies can be a very powerful marketing tool, let us show you how.

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