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PR For Rail CompaniesPR For Rail

Public relations for rail companies is very important, to get good media exposure and handle media enquiries.  From ticket sales, rising rail prices and cancellations needs to be handled by a public relations team.  

The issue however is finding the right public relations company to work with.  

As there are hundreds in the UK all with different experience.  

We always advise talking with industry experience media companies.  If they have a background in doing PR for rail companies, they will be best equipped to handle your campaigns.

Just fill in the form to speak with local PR companies that know the railway sector.

UK Rail Industry

Since the end of the second world war, the industry in the UK has been declining.

British rail (now National Rail) has seen rail users go down and costs go up.

Transport was moved from the metal road onto the tarmac roads and the rail infrastructure has been in decline ever since.  Since Harold MacMillan’s government gave haulage companies the job of transporting food, raw materials and retail goods, the industry has suffered.  Many lines have been closed and the remaining network is still massively underfunded.

Considering the infrastructure of other nations the UK is very much behind.  For this reason and others, positive media is important for UK rail businesses.  PR for rail companies is important to try to bring rail transport back.

The Manufacturing Side

Manufacturing is still occurring around the UK for many products (carriages, engines and equipment) but much is now imported from overseas.

Rail Companies

There is a diversity of businesses that feed off of the UK industry:

  • Manufacture
  • Engine & Coach Manufacture
  • Equipment
  • Logistics
  • Ticketing Systems
  • Food
  • Websites/Booking

The rail industry despite being underfunded and in decline is still large and diverse.

Industry Media Support

Public relations does play an important role in the industry, both from a marketing perspective and from a communication point of view.  The sector is normally in the public eye for negative reasons, such as track closures, delays, ticketing problems and cancellations due to weather.  PR for rail companies is important for a range of areas.

Ticket booking sites appear to be the main area that is getting main steam marketing attention in the industry currently, with radio advertising and media campaigns going through.  Ticket booking is privatised and thus many competing companies are vying to dominate the train booking industry.  Many companies have opted to advertise on TV, which is a great form of marketing.  TV advertising is mainly used for mainstream rail companies like Virgin trains.Indeed marketing for transport companies is popular.

Diverse Industry Media

The rail industry is diverse, one that has a myriad of different businesses working in and around the rail sector.  As such, public relations companies need to have a variety of ways to apply the media coverage they provide, from crisis PR through to brand awareness and raising profiles for marketing reasons.

Compare Multiple Quotes

It is good advice for companies to shop around for advice and to compare PR prices.  All public relations companies set their own rates, so using this price comparison website can help you get the best agency for the best price.  PR for rail companies is important, let us show you why.

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