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PR For SchoolsGet Public Relations Coverage For Your School

PR for schools is very important, bot for promotion, and also for communicating with the mainstream media.  

We always advise on talking with a local PR company, that has experience in the education sector.  This way they will know the areas of PR support you need as a school and correctly represent you.

Just fill in the form to talk with 5 local public relations companies that work in the education sector.

Why Would You Need It?

Schools use PR agencies for a variety of reasons.  

It could be for promotion, to encourage new student registrations, or for crisis PR prevention.  If there have been issues with drugs or bullying, or maybe to react to changes in Ofsted.  

There are a variety of reasons that you would benefit from media support.

This is why many schools choose to talk to an experienced PR agency that knows the education sector.  If the agency has had dealings with the department of education, this will be very beneficial.

How Much Would Media Coverage Cost?

Prices vary, mainly on the basis of the kind of campaign that each school needs, why they need it, and for how long it might run for.  Also, each PR agency has their own fee structure with different profit margins, which also affects the PR prices.  

As all price comparison websites, we do encourage shopping around and comparing quotes.

Choosing An Agency

There are thousands of PR companies around the UK.  

But it is strongly recommended that you should select one that has experience in the education industry.  Have they done any marketing for schools in the past?  

If the agency already has a background in education, it should result in a better campaign that produces quicker results.

Using a PR company that has a strong background in PR for banks (or another sector) just does not make logical sense.

Compare Multiple Quotes

It is wise to compare a few agencies before deciding on who to use.  All agencies set their own fees, therefore PR prices will vary considerably.

Just fill in the form with details of what you are looking for; we will find suitable PR agencies who will provide free advice and quotes.

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