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PR For Will Writing CompaniesPublic Relations Support For Will Writing Companies

PR for will writing companies is becoming more popular as the will writing industry grows.  The problem however is the sheer number of PR companies to choose from.

We do always advise to select an agency that has a track record of doing PR for will writing companies.  If they work in the legal sector and know about legal marketing, they are probably well equipped to help you.

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UK Will Writing Companies

The number of companies who provide this service around the UK is growing, as smaller solicitors are starting up subsidiary services, offering it as a bolt on service.

There has been a lot of bad press through the BBC owing to the fact that many will writers are unregulated.  Writing a will is something that anyone can do, it is free and as long as it is witnessed by a non-relative, is legally binding.

However people are happy to pay hundreds to a solicitor to get a more professional appearing will set up.  According to the BBC, there are no legal qualifications with regard to writing of wills required, something that is being looked into needing changed.  Therefore positive media is required in order to stand out from the crowd as a trustworthy business.

Positive Companies

The industry is becoming more competitive as an increasing number of companies have will writing websites set up, and the ‘on-line’ service becomes more common.  Keyed into search engines ‘will writing’ brings up over 1,440 million results, so certainly a growing market!

Media Support

Due to the bad press that you are receiving from the BBC, there is the need for damage control.  The need is for you to put a positive spin on your service, and convince your customers that you are the genuine article.  Media support can help restore this.  PR for will writing companies can help a lot to combat the bad press.

There are a number of PR agencies around the UK which work in this market; this links into other legal services such as divorce and immigration.

Most of you do not employ your own public relations staff, but would outsource it to an agency; certainly with the recent BBC article, the need for public relations support is essential for crisis PR.

Choosing Good Agencies

Based on recent media coverage, it would be advisable for you to consider agencies that have legal PR experience, as the government are looking into making it something that does require a legal qualification.  An agency that has done PR for solicitors in the past will be much better equipped to help you than one that does PR for banks.  If the PR agency has done work with the law society, this may also be beneficial, as the know the industry media.

Compare Prices On PR For Will Writing

Media coverage should not be overly expensive; however PR prices do vary.  All public relations agencies are independent and set their own rates, depending on their overheads and profit margins, so we recommend obtaining advice about campaigns and comparing quotes from several companies.  As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the right agency at the lowest price.

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