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PR for solicitors is very important, mainly as the legal sector is so crowded.  There are a wide number of public relations agencies that have legal marketing experience.  We can help you by helping you to get quotes from 5 local agencies that know about PR for solicitors as they have legal marketing experience.

Just fill in the form to talk with5 local PR companies that know the legal sector.

Why Use Public Relations?

For solicitors, media support is an important part of marketing for solicitors.  

Public relations is a very cost effective and efficient way to generate a media buzz, either for the local or national press. This is the main reason that many solicitors choose to use it, as it can be just as effective for independent and national solicitors.  

PR for solicitors can be done either through the traditional media outlets or online PR.  Getting media coverage with the law society is good advice.  Even PR for will writing companies needs to be handled by someone that knows the legal sector of the media.

On-line and Off-line Media Focus

The legal industry is very active on the internet, and you can make use of both on-line and off-line media.  Bearing in mind most people will use the internet to search for a solicitor or legal support.  

Getting the balance right is something that experienced public relations agencies can do for you, in order to establish a balance of media exposure.  Choosing an agency that knows about PR for solicitors is important in order to receive the best media coverage.

Legal Experience

Due to the nature of the legal sector and the way that solicitors work, it is very helpful, if not essential, for PR agencies to have a knowledge of how the sector operates.  The staff do not necessarily need legal training, but knowledge of the industry is required.

It helps if they already have established contacts within their media circles for legal publications and media groups.  This way they can get you into chosen publications quickly, meaning quicker returns on your investment.

This not only helps with the way that press releases and articles are written, but it also helps in the speed with which articles go from being draft to becoming ‘live’.  If the agency already has media contacts in the legal sector, they can get quicker results together with targeted placement.

Compare Prices On PR For Solicitors

PR prices do vary between agencies, as there is no industry standard cost, so obtaining quotes is something that is very important.  

Like any price comparison website, we aim to help you find the best PR agency for the lowest price.

There are 3 main things to consider when choosing an agency to handle PR for solicitors, and in order of preference:

  • Track Record & Industry Experience
  • Cost – Competitive Pricing
  • Location – Local To Your Practice

Working with a local agency is always good, as the personal relationship can be developed and a mutual understanding can be built on, for a more effective media campaign.  

Inviting them to visit the practice, to have a feel for how you work, what you offer, in terms of legal support services, and how your function as a business, will help with producing news articles.

With thousands of media agencies around the UK, finding one with legal marketing experience is important.  It is not essential, however it does give a better chance of a good return on your investment.  It is not logical working with an agency that has a background of PR for vets.

Cost is not an essential factor when it comes to good media coverage, but if the public relations agency gets you good results then the investment is worth it.

One thing to remember is that all media agencies are independent businesses that need to make profit.  It therefore is wise to shop around and compare agencies.

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