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Telemarketing for architects is becoming more and more popular as the industry is becoming busier.  

Telemarketing is a skill that needs to be learned and for architects, outsourcing telemarketing to an experienced telemarketing company is the wise solution.

There are many telemarketing agencies that have experience in doing telemarketing for architects, but not all.

The problem is that there are over 400 telemarketing agencies in the UK to choose from.  Freelancers that work from home up to large call centres that employ hundreds of staff.  Some telemarketing companies are brand new, some have been in business for decades.

We can help by getting you quotes from 5 local telemarketing agencies like any price comparison website.  Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from telemarketing experts that know the construction and building sector.

Why Use Telemarketing?

Due to the ups and downs in the building and construction sector, the industry has been difficult for many architects.  

Telemarketing for architects is very effective, as it generates new sales leads quickly.  By using an experienced telemarketing agency that is experienced in construction telemarketing, you can generate results quickly.

Architects are not sales people, as sales people are not architects. Lead generation is best left to sales people that know how to generate leads for architects.

The Selling Process

Telemarketing for architects is not complicated, but like many things, does need to follow a process.

The selling process is like a recipe, if it is not followed correctly then the results will not show as they should.

Indeed you may get lucky and catch someone at the right time, and this does happen, but this is luck rather than using telemarketing correctly.

Here is the process that telemarketing for architects needs to follow:

  • Prospecting – This is the research stage to find out who to talk to and making an introduction.
  • Fact Finding – This is an important part of the selling process.  Is there work now, if not when.
  • Follow Up – Calling prospects back at the agreed time is important, otherwise you may miss your window.
  • Closing – Whether you are looking for an RFQ to quote on (request for quote) or a meeting to arrange.

As time goes on, telemarketing for weeks or months will lead to hundreds of prospects being contacted.  Each will be at a different stage in the selling process.  Some prospects may have only been spoken to a few times, some maybe 20 over the course of a year.

Why Should You Use Telemarketing For Architects?

You are not sales people, you do not do cold calling and spend hours doing recalls to prospects. 

The reason is because it takes a special breed of character to sit on the phone all day and show the tenacity and commitment to lead generation.

You are good at designing and planning building projects; calling is best left to someone that has the time, experience and resource to handle hundreds of calls each day.

Building Industry Focus

The telemarketing can be focused on certain architectural projects (in a way that other forms of marketing cannot) in that specific projects can be targeted.

If you are targeting specific industry sectors (medical, sports, retail for example) or certain value projects (projects over 10m or over 100m for example) then telemarketing is a perfect tool for the job.  

If you want to target specific value projects, using leads such as those from ABI are very good, so you are only chasing the jobs you can handle.

Souring Good Quality Marketing Data

There are many data broker companies in the UK that can supply you with marketing data.

Each telemarketing company will require a database that you need called, whether this is hundreds or thousands of prospects.

Sourcing good quality marketing data is important.  If businesses have closed, or the contact has left then time is wasted.  Since time is money making the selling process as short as possible starts with the data you work with.

Compare Prices On Telemarketing For Architects

One of the key things for you to consider when choosing a telemarketing agency for your architectural practice is their experience.  How long have they been running and have they worked in the construction or building industry in the past? 

There are a few telemarketing companies that do have experience in the building industry, and these would be the ones that you should talk to. 

Having experience will help them in the lead generation process and should provide quicker results. 

For telemarketing companies to have a knowledge and understanding of marketing for architects will give them a distinct advantage in the calling campaign.

All telemarketing agencies charge differently so it is well worth comparing a few quotes in order to get a feel for the right agency and the best price.  All telemarketing companies are privately owned and look to make as much profit as they can.

If you contact them and enquire, they will be very interested in working with you, as who is going to turn business away.  However we need to ensure that they are the best telemarketing company to work with your architectural practice.  They have lots of telemarketing experience and have worked in the construction industry in the past.

Why is telemarketing expensive, because it involves people.

Just fill in the form and we will get you free telemarketing prices to compare.

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