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Telemarketing for builders is proving very popular. Does your building company need more sales leads, more tenders to quote against?  

You need to talk to lead generation companies specialising in telemarketing for builders.

The building industry is very competitive, and is becoming more so as many builders get a tighter hold on marketing.  The FMB does offer some marketing support via networking.

Telemarketing for builders is an effective way to generate leads quickly from following up construction tenders.  Whether you are a leading firm like Bovis Homes, or a local bricky, telemarketing for builders is important.

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Calling For More Business

Since the recession, the building company has been booming, with the government pushing more affordable housing.  Also with the growth in the private sector, more construction contracts have bee going through the UK building sector.

However as the construction industry has grown, so to have many companies surrounding and supporting it.  

Building companies need to now chase work and telemarketing for builders is the best resource to quickly generate new tenders to quote on.

Lead Generation

By being more proactive in your sales and marketing to pick up local projects, you can get new work coming through within the project spend you are aiming for. 

Most building firms historically have never done any marketing and only picked up work on recommendation.  However as the markets have changed, you need to adapt in order to survive.

Lead generation techniques are used by many of the top building firms mainly because when they loose tenders, this could well cost millions in lost revenue.

Sales Leads

There are (fortunately) good sources of sales leads for you to work with, whereby tender requests are put into the planning permission process.  These can be purchased and followed up in the normal sales process:

  • Cold Call
  • Introduction
  • Questioning
  • Phone Demonstration
  • Close

The options are you either bringing on a sales person to follow up the leads or to subcontract the work out to a expert firm to handle.  There are a range of agencies that do specialise in working in the industry which can quickly get a campaign running and producing results.

Lead Times

One thing that many companies demand is turn around; as work is needed urgently, you cannot wait for weeks or months for projects to trickle through the sales pipeline.

Lead generation by its nature does take time, it takes time to research the sales leads, time to contact the client (as people are often busy or on holiday) and then generate the enquiry.  This is something that many do struggle with, as time is normally against them.

Compare Telemarketing Prices Today

There are over 400 telemarketing companies in the UK, and all set their own fees (as private companies do).  

Therefore telemarketing prices do vary, and there is the need to get quotes, specifically from the agencies that offer telemarketing for builders. Our roll is to help you get the best agency (that can constantly generate you results), for the lowest daily price.

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