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There are over 20 telemarketing companies in London, ranging from call centres down to a few people working from home.  

Selecting the right agency for your business is important.  

Just fill in the form and we will get you quotes from 5 telemarketing agencies in London that know your industry sector.

There are big advantages in working with local telemarketing companies in London.

  • Meeting Them

Although this can be done at a distance, there is a strong advantage of being able to meet with the agency.  Getting to know the person/team that will be calling for you should give you an understanding of how competent they are.

  • Ensuring they are genuine

Many companies embellish on their websites, making claims about the awards they have won, the fancy office they work in.  If you can visit them regularly, you will ensure they are what they claim.

  • Loyalty

Companies are always more loyal to local businesses, especially when they are meeting you regularly for review meetings.

As you will see from a quick search on Google, there are lots of telemarketing companies in London.  

Let’s see if we can find the right one for your business.

Initial Meeting

Once you selected a suitable agency, you need to meet with them. 

This is partly to ensure that they are indeed based where they claim to be.  

With virtual addresses, companies from all over the world can have an address in London.  

But also to meet the team.  By meeting the team that will be representing your business, you can present to them a clear overview of what the task is and how to handle popular objections. 

It also gives them a chance to get to know you and your product/service.

As telemarketing companies in London are local, you can have monthly performance meetings.

Follow Up Meetings

Follow up meetings are essential.  Reviewing how the campaign is going and setting KPI’s as things progress. 

They will be much more likely to produce you results if they know they have to meet you to discuss how things are progressing.  

Agencies in London are more likely to be on point if they know they have to sit in front of you at a performance meeting.

Set Performance Levels

Lead generation is expensive, so pushing for results is something that has to be done.  If they are achieving results, then raise the target. 

This is what any business manager does with a sales team to get the best out of them.  By meeting the agency this can be discussed in a controlled environment.

Choosing From Telemarketing Companies In London

The main reason to look around at different agencies is cost.  All agencies charge differently and all telemarketing prices vary from agency. 

Some firms charge per day, some per month but it does vary a lot.  Local agencies do not necessarily charge more than others in the UK.  Popular conceptions are that due to location, they are more expensive but it is still worth shopping around.

Price comparison websites are very popular these days, and comparing agencies in London is really no different.

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