Telemarketing Preparation

The success of failure of telemarketing is based mainly on your telemarketing preparation.  Are you ready for the day, are you ready for the first call?

Telemarketing is not difficult, just requires focus and good preparation.

Being properly prepared is half the battle with this, as you are set up, focused and ready for getting stuck into lead generation.

These may seem obvious however so many telemarketers just charge into calling without being properly prepared.  This can cause frustration, boredom both of which can be conveyed to prospects via your voice tone when calling.

Prepare Your Surrounding

Ensure that you are comfortable and in a well lit, tidy environment.

Bearing in mind you have 8 hours worth of focused work ahead, you need to be at ease and have everything you need to hand.  Ensure that your seat is good and at the right angle, as this will help your posture, in turn your voice, in turn the way you are heard by prospects.

Telemarketing Data

Part of your telemarketing preparation is having your data to hand.  This is as important as the calling itself.  You will be able to focus on calling rather than hunting for more prospects.  If you do not have data available you can purchase data from data companies.  If you want to generate the data yourself (via the web or via old leads) then spend some time preparing the data before calling.

Use Your E-mail

Most companies these days work via e-mail, so have a short succinct e-mail to send to prospects.  Most of the time prospects will use the excuse ‘send me some information and I will get back to you once I have digested it’.  Better still, while you are on the phone to them you can direct them to your website (if they work in front of a computer).  However if you are talking to them and they ask for information. sending it to then while talking may overcome the objection.  This will allow you to move to the next stage in the sales process.

This may cause a problem as the ‘send me your information’ is normally a signal for ‘get off the phone’ – but you can use this to close and tackle the objection.

If you are properly prepared for your days calling, you should find that your day is more productive.  You get more calling done and remain as motivated as possible throughout the day.  Telemarketing is hard work; it can be difficult and hard to be motivated all the time; however being well prepared should help your chances of making each day a success.

Having a stop start day will cut the productivity; this is why many companies have call centers – so that agents do not get distracted with anything other than handling calls.  Productivity goes up and so do profits.

Hopefully these tips and hints on telemarketing preparation have helped.  If you need any telemarketing advice, contact us here at Marketing Quotes.

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