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Telemarketing Top Tips That Need To Be ConsideredSome Top Tips For Telemarketing

The UK has over 450 telemarketing agencies ranging from small agencies that have recently set up, to large call centres that have many years of experience in calling.  

We at Marketing Quotes have put together some tips for telemarketing for your business, to help you be more effective at lead generation.

Having Good Data

Like building houses, calling businesses is about the foundations.  Having good data is where it starts; if you have up to date data to work from, this makes the lead generation process much smoother.

Tips For Telemarketing – Calls Per Day

It always has and always will be a numbers game.  The agents need to be making north of 100 calls per day.  This can be broken down into 4 quarters, from start to 10.30, then lunch time, and the 2 afternoon sessions.

Setting Targets

Having small bite sized targets is good, rather than weekly targets, having daily targets keeps things in bite sized chunks.

Experienced Staff

Good staff are hard to find, as any business owner will tell you.  Finding good telemarketing staff that are motivated, capable and experienced is essential for any successful campaign.

Motivation For Staff

Having motivated and happy staff is important in the process.  If your staff are in the right frame of mind, they are more likely to perform.

Tips For Telemarketing Includes Sales Training

Sales training plays a big roll in calling success.  If your sales staff have the right training from the right agency, they are more likely to be successful.  

There are many sales training companies in the UK, finding one that knows your industry, speaks your language will be a likely one to be successful for your sales team.

Take Advice

Telemarketing top tips can be used by any business, from agencies to internal sales teams.  

We at Marketing Quotes want to help UK businesses with their marketing.  Sadly there are a lot of poor marketing companies in the UK, ones that give promises but fail to deliver.  

Our advice is to shop around like any price comparison website, compare quotes and seek free advice. Rather than spending time on google looking for the right agency, just fill in the form.

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