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There are about 50 website designers in Braintree, most of which are freelancers and smaller design studios.

Also there are some 20 larger ‘full service agencies’ who offer web services along with other marketing services.  Such as branding, advertising and e-marketing.

When considering web agencies in Braintree for your new site (or a website re-design), we do advise using someone local, as meetings are easier to arrange.  There are larger website design companies in Colchester if you were looking for a larger agency.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from local website experts in Braintree that have experience in your industry sector.

Choosing Local Experts

For businesses that are based in and around the area, it does make sense to work with a local designer, rather that one that is in London or further away.  There are over 2,000 web design companies in Essex, giving you lots of choice, to find the right partner.  

The advantage of working with a local firm is that a meeting can be arranged without too much difficulty, in order to talk through ideas, check out the agency, meet the team and find out about their background.  

All web design companies in Braintree do have different backgrounds.  It is important to choose a website designer that are in a similar industry as yours.  Some web designers deal mainly with flashing images, some with information based websites, some media based sites, etc.

Consider Your Marketing

Once your website is set up, you need to get more visitors to it.

Remember that your website is your shop window, and having no-one see your shop window means the cost and hassle of getting the website set up was all in vain.

Building and maintaining your brand is essential, which means you need to consider marketing of your new website.

Getting found organically needs to be tied into paid advertising and social media marketing.

Compare Prices Today

As all agencies have different experience.  It is worth shopping around and getting different ideas and options. 

Website design prices will vary from agency to agency based on their size, staff numbers and profit margins.  In today’s world, comparing prices is quick and simple, but unfortunately necessary in order to avoid over paying.

For free advice and quotes from several local web companies in Braintree,  just complete the form opposite.

A Few Words About The Town

Braintree is a small 4,000 year old town in Essex, thought to be named after either ‘Branoc’s tree’ (Branoc being a chap a long time ago) or ‘Rayne’ an important settlement in Norman times.  

The town was referred to in the Domesday Book of 1086 as ‘Branchetreu’.  

It was used as a stop over, during Roman times, as at that time it was a small town that grew on the crossroads of two of their roads.  

It still is a stop off point for many, and has around 50,000 inhabitants.

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