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There are around 20 branding companies in Bath, ranging from freelance design students, to small design studios.  

As you are local, it makes good sense talking to a local branding agency in Bath.

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Local Agencies

The branding companies in Bath are mainly smaller in size than agencies of the neighbouring cities of Bristol or Swindon.  

The marketing companies in Bath have mixed experience due to the varied nature of businesses there are in and around the city.  

As Bath University is growing more and more agencies are starting up (as students go solo) and existing branding agencies are expanding.

Choosing An Agency

Due to the wide selection of branding agencies in Bath, it does give you ample choice to find the right creative design agency for them.  

Working with a local designer is always better than one that is hundreds of miles away. Meetings are an essential component of communication.  

Follow up and review meetings are also advised. Industry experience is also something else to be considered.  Has the agency done work for companies in a similar market to yours?  

Branding is more than just design, it is about creating a impression.  

Having a look at the agencies client portfolio should give you an idea to their design background.  Asking to chat to some of their clients is also a wise move.  

If their clients are happy, then they are possibly a good consideration.

Compare Quotes From Branding Agencies In Bath

Bath is not a cheap place to live or work, as it is very desirable.  

As such, designers may well charge more due to paying more for rent, buying their offices, staff and overheads.  There is a need in today’s society to try and keep costs down and the best way of doing that is by comparing prices and ensuring that you are not paying over the odds.  

Branding prices do vary, as all branding agencies in Bath set their own rates.  Typically the larger the designer, the more they will charge.

Bath In A Glance

Bath is a spa city based in the South West of England in the county of Bath and North East Somerset (as the county of Avon was abolished in 1996).

Despite not having a cathedral (as it fell into disrepair in 1485) and was replaced with Bath Abbey the city is still a city.  

Bath is famous for its Roman bath houses that still remain having been upgraded by subsequent periods (most recently the Victorians) and for the last thousand years has been a place to visit and enjoy.  

Bath has around 200,000 inhabitants (93% white) mainly working in the service industries (local government, hospitals etc.) according to council data.

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