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Since you are looking for business to consumer telemarketing, you have many telemarketing companies you can choose from.  However we do advise you talking to telemarketing agencies that know your industry sector.  They are much more likely to get you results quicker. Just fill in the form to get quotes from business to consumer telemarketing companies that are local to you and know your industry. Business to consumer telemarketing is something we are all familiar with. Normally from the experience of receiving phone calls just as we are sitting down to dinner, or putting the children to bed.
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How Does Business To Consumer Telemarketing Work?

Business to consumer telemarketing is a struggle.  No one likes getting sales calls at home and the  agencies themselves sometimes struggle with their campaigns. However cold calling must happen, companies that sell products to the general public do need to promote themselves (whether this be solar energy, kitchens, plumbing services etc.).  Many people would argue that if you need something, you will contact them; however this is reactive. Sales is tough work, an uphill struggle battling against adversity, however business to consumer telemarketing is probably one of the hardest tasks. However any company looking to proactively sell to the public, needs to consider this kind of marketing. There are many top telemarketing companies that offer business to consumer telemarketing services.  Whether this be a smaller agencies, or a larger one.  Fewer and fewer agencies are taking on this kind of calling due to the nature of the work – however there are still a number out there. Another option is outsourcing calling overseas; as this normally is cheaper than using a UK based company.  However this is personal preference due to other issues. Business to consumer telemarketing is a strong market.   Thousands of UK companies are looking to use a telemarketing specialist to both promote and to sell their products to homeowner’s across the UK. Many people still benefit from being contacted at home (as they may have been considering buying) and were contacted at the right time.

Final thoughts

As all business to consumer telemarketing agencies are different, it is advised to compare telemarketing prices.  As prices will vary considerably.  Depending on the agencies size and profit margins and on the size and type of B2C campaign you have in mind.  Rather than spending time going through Yahoo contacting agencies, just fill in the form above.

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