Exhibition Stand Design For Food Companies

Compare Quotes On Exhibition Stand Design For Food CompaniesCompare Quotes On Exhibition Stand Design For Food Companies.

When considering exhibition stand design for food companies you need an agency that knows the food industry.  

There are hundreds of stand designers in the UK, how do you choose the ‘right’ one?  

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What Kind Is Needed?

When considering design, you need to firstly reflect on what kind of event you are going to attend.  Is it one of the good food shows?  

The Food & Beverage Expo?  Also, what type of stand you want?

There are three main kinds available:

The main thing is deciding what the level of visitors is likely to be; if it is a large event with thousands of visitors, then a bespoke one is needed. 

If it is a small event with less than a hundred visitors, then something like a basic exhibition stand is needed.

Exhibition Stand Design For Food Companies

Choosing a designer is complicated, as there are hundreds around the UK, all offering the same offers and deals. 

We do advise selecting one that has worked in the industry, and/or worked for food companies in the past.  They should be able to produce something more relevant and impacting.

Get Multiple Quotes

We do encourage getting a few quotes from different agencies, to get a feel for different proposals and prices to compare.  

Since all agencies set their own rates, prices can vary considerably.  Exhibition stand design can be very expensive if you choose the wrong designer or get the wrong type of stand.  

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