How Does Pay Per Click Marketing Work

We often get asked how does pay per click marketing work?  Why Not talk to a specialist, fill in the form opposite to get ideas and quotes from specialist companies near you.

How Does It Work?

How does pay per click marketing work, well, we can investigate this together.  It is quite a new form of marketing and was invented by the search engine giant Google. The idea is that the adverts are targeted to searches (either on main search engines, or on associate  ‘partner‘ pages) so that whatever a visitor is searching for/looking at, the adverts are delivered that are relevant to their query. So if someone typed in ‘holidays in Brighton’ then hotels, camp sites, restaurants in Brighton would be shown.  So how does pay per click marketing work for me?

The Benefits Of Advertising

The good thing about PPC advertising is it is quite cheap.  In comparison to advertising routes such as TV advertising or telemarketing, it is quite affordable. It can be turned on and off like a tap, so if sales are slow, the tap can be turned on and enquiries should trickle in.  The trick is how does pay per click marketing work efffectively.

The Downsides Of Advertising

PPC advertising only really benefits search engines, it is low cost, but the millions of users mean that search engines are very profitable. Clicks cannot be controlled, so students, competitors, recruitment companies and wrong clicks will rack up a bill for the customer.  It is not just targeted clients that will click on adverts, but other people as well, this needs to be factored in as waste for the customer, but profit for the search engine.  Click fraud is a big issue, and big business for click fraud companies.

The Costs

How does pay per click work cost wise?  Well, setting up a campaign is simple.  But there are a lot of things to consider behind the senses that make it an art and a time consuming art at that.  Specialist PPC companies factor in visitor movement on sites, times they do searches, locations, geared landing pages, specific text on landing pages. Either you can handle the campaign yourself (if you are brave) or use an expert.  The cost of the click to the search engine is also factored in (which varied depending on the bid for the keyword).

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