Marketing Basics For Startups

New companies face the daunting task of getting their businesses set up, getting offices/factories in place, staff in place and marketing going.

The life and sole of any new business is customers, no customers = no business.

The way that new customers come into any business (except from recommendation or word of mouth) is through sales and marketing.

There are various essentials that new companies need in order to get up and running in today’s world:


For any new business, having a website is really an essential in today’s world.

There are many thousands of businesses that still do not have websites in place, and they do manage very well, however they are always going to find things ‘capped’.

We live in a world of technology, unless you own a corner shop or a local business selling based on word of mouth or local custom, you are never going to conquer the world.

Website designers can set up a professional website for less than £1,000, so for any business, this is going to serve a variety of purposes, not necessarily creating new customers, but adding value in other ways.

Public Relations

PR is a very low cost form of marketing that is used by both small and large businesses. PR can springboard a startup business right to the top of the pile. If a startup company gets into the BBC, then their brand awareness will go from a few friends to the entire UK overnight.

New companies can do PR themselves, by writing their own press releases and publishing them on a press release website (such as PR Newswire, or PRWeb) or can use a PR agency to do the work for them. The benefit being that a PR agency is skilled in writing and can make a press release come alive more so than Joe Blogs putting together a release.

Pro-Active Marketing

Most new businesses need to generate enquiries/sales leads and sometimes need a boost to do this.

Telesales can be used to do this, by calling up prospects and seeing if there is a need.

Direct selling can be used to visit prospects and seeing if there is a need.
Leaflet drops or mailings can be used to raise awareness and generate interest.

Brochures And Literature

Brochures and company literature are necessary for many businesses (not all) but having brochures to showcase products is sometimes necessary for businesses in the early days.

For this, approaching a graphic designer to get the brochures/company information set up is required. Alternatively, talking to a branding company can get the website and brochures set up at the same time (as branding agencies do handle company literature and websites).

Shop Around

Basic marketing tools are needed for any new business, even if funds are tight, marketing is needed in order to get the sales wheels turning.
It is essential for new companies to look around, get quotes and ensure they are getting the maximum design skill for the best possible price.

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