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Marketing For Marketing CompaniesDoes Your Marketing Company Need Marketing Support?

The reason that marketing for marketing companies is so important, is that there are over 35,000 marketing companies in the UK.  

Marketing companies are often too busy doing marketing for their own customers, that they do not get time to do their own.  

Just fill in the form to get quotes and advice from a few marketing companies that knows your industry sector.

The UK has a wealth of marketing resources available.  

From large marketing companies in London that work for global brands like Coca Cola and Apple.  

Down to university graduates that are starting up freelance marketing companies and work with the local pet shop or Indian restaurant.  Whatever size agency you are, marketing for any company is essential.  

PR for marketing agencies  can be very effective as it is low cost and can be focused locally.

Many are so busy looking after clients, that they find it hard to focus on themselves.

The service industry is growing more and more in the UK, as manufacturing moves more overseas.  

More and more of the UK is becoming service based.  The number of agencies is growing and the industry is becoming more and more competitive as agencies are bringing new ideas and cheaper costs to the table.

Many agencies have out of date websites that they say they will update once things settle down.  Which is a good sign of how the industry is and how it is growing.  

Lead generation for marketing companies is difficult due to the highly competitive market.

However marketing companies cannot and should not be overlooked, they are profit making companies like any other.

Creative marketing in 2011 has moved on in recent years.

A Specific Focus

Most agencies in this sector tend to work on a referral basis.  The industry is quite close knit so if a client approaches an agency that is at capacity, normally the lead is passed to a friend or partner firm. 

This is traditionally how marketing companies tend to market themselves however many are starting to use other tools.  

Marketing for marketing companies needs to be more than just advertising on google through PPC.

As agencies find holes in their work load, many are starting to use on-line and off-line forms of advertising to get enquiries flowing. 

Direct mail, e-marketing and social media marketing are very popular with agencies.

Social media in particular as sites like Facebook and Twitter are being overtaken by newer sites like Instagram, and WhatsApp.  

More marketing for marketing companies is done on social media, owing to the lower costs.

Focus On Sales

Most agencies have their designers, techies and owners as opposed to dedicated sales people.  The reason goes back to how they normally generate new work, word of mouth. 

There is no need for having a sales person (or sales team) if things are busy and work just rolls in and out naturally.  The problem then is, that non sales people are doing sales jobs.

This would work in the same way as a sales person doing the job of a graphic designer, a bit of a mess.

Sales is a skill, as marketing is a skill and any specific area is in itself a skill that needs to be learned and practiced. 

Advice For Agencies

The best advice would be to get an expert to do the job. 

If you are a web designer then you need a skilled web designer designing the sites. 

If you need new business, you need a skilled sales expert generating new leads and following those leads up. 

There are many lead generation companies that can help with prospecting, chasing up leads and arranging appointments.  This cannot just be left to someone in house doing ad hock sales calls or e-mails.

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