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PPC Marketing For SchoolsWould Pay Per Click Marketing Benefit Your School?

PPC advertising for schools is essential in our online world of education.  

Being seen both for getting new students, but also the best teachers is down to online visibility.  

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Do Schools Need PPC?

Paid advertising for schools is a very quick way for you to get noticed on the internet.  

Most schools are searched for by parents in the local area.  

Since more people now use the internet to do searching, this is an ideal way to get quick exposure to parents looking for a local school.  Parents can quickly see Ofstead reports online, so being visible is important.

PPC advertising for schools is an important way of getting your educational body in front of your target audience (parents) who will be internet savvy.

What Are The Challenges You Face

The main challenge you will face is competition from other educational bodies.

Special needs schools, private schools, junior schools, senior schools, boarding schools, the list goes on.

Especially if your school is based in a large city such as London or Birmingham, using PPC for your school will ensure you are infant of parents 24hrs a day.

Setting your demographics is also important, since running your adverts 24hrs a day will be expensive.  Localising your adverts to a geographical area is wise, also targeting age groups can limit your adverts being seen only by your target audience.  This can be found in your Google Ads account and is essential for any PPC campaign for schools.

Consider the seasons, since most people looking for a school will be doing it at certain times of the year.  Having your adverts appear at seasonal hot points is wise.  PPC advertising for schools does not need to run throughout the year,  but only when parents are looking for you.

Setting target landing pages is also wise, rather than channelling all your visitors to your website.  Depending on the specific keywords you are targeting, having relevant landing pages should reduce your bounce rate of parents coming and then leaving.

Market using your courses, or specific highlights your school offers that others do not.  For example having resources for disabled pupils, or specific special needs facilities should give you an edge over other educational bodies.

Remarking is also popular for many schools, as it keeps your name in front of parents that have previously visited your website.

How Much Does PPC For Schools Cost?

The costs on PPC for your school can be broken down into two parts, the cost of the advertising (which goes to the search engine) and the management cost for setting up and monitoring the campaign (which goes to the advertising company). 

Most PPC advertising for schools is based on a monthly feel paid to the agency to set up and manage your campaign.  This is normally around £500 a month or thereabouts.

The management cost is normally quite modest and the budget for the advertising can be whatever you want.  

Paid advertising prices is therefore based on the CPC (determined by the search engine) and the costs from the agency.

Choosing A Suitable PPC Agency

There are thousands of companies around the UK, ranging from freelancers working from home, up to large agencies that work with global brands. 

It is advised to work with someone that has a track record of working in the education industry, as they should deliver better results.   If they know about marketing for schools, they should be able to more efficiently get you results quicker.

Compare Multiple Quotes On PPC For Schools

It is wise to get a few quotes and proposals in to compare before you decide on who to use.  

All paid media agencies set their own fees, so PPC costs will vary considerably.  Just fill in the form to get quotes and advice on PPC advertising for schools.

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