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PPC Advertising For Financial CompaniesCompare Quotes On Pay Per Click Advertising For UK Financial Companies

As more and more searching is done online, PPC for financial companies is essential.  

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Do Financial Companies Need To Use Paid Media?

The internet is the main resource that people will turn to these days if they are looking for anything.  

Even if they have seen an advert on TV they will turn to the internet to follow through any interest. Being found on the internet is the next issue.  

If someone is looking for a type of business (a hedge fund for example) then they will be confronted with the search results thrown up by the search engine.  

It is therefore necessary to ensure that your financial company (a bank, a trust fund etc.) is appearing for any kind of related search result.  

Whether you are Santander or Coutts, PPC for financial companies is an effective marketing tool.

Choosing An Agency With Experience

There are hundreds of paid advertising agencies around the UK, thousands actually.  

Choosing the right one is important for the campaign to be profitable.  

There are hundreds of companies from overseas also (India, USA, Europe etc.) that are marketing into the UK these days also.  

This makes things difficult in finding the right agency for the job. When choosing an expert, finding one that has done marketing for financial companies in the past.

They will have a much better idea of how to position you, what keywords to target, the kind of restriction to put on the campaign (time settings, geographical searches), negative keywords.  Plus restricting the waste that comes from students, job hunters clicking on the adverts.  

Each advert on the web is based on a CPC (a cost per click) and this is based on the keywords that are targeted and how competitive that keyword is. The more popular the keyword, the more expensive it will be (it could be 50p per click or £10 per click depending on the competition).

Finance is a highly competitive area in the UK, so this will not be cheap per click.  

PPC for financial companies really needs a competent agency.

Meeting The Paid Search Company

Meeting up with the agency is not essential, but will be helpful.  It is good to check them out and ensure that they are all they claim to be on their website,  

Many marketing companies do exaggerate their size, experience, qualifications these days ‘we are the UK’s number 1 paid search company’.  Asking why is always good advice.

Compare Multiple Prices On PPC For Financial Companies

Paid advertising is quite a new marketing discipline.  

All paid advertising companies therefore are still learning and trying to guess what web users movements will be. As such, there are no set rates for this work.  

All PPC prices vary as agencies set their own fees to set up and monitor an account.  

Very few work on a results basis (or commission) and most do charge a monthly retainer for their services.

It is very wise to shop around and compare quotes on this.  Companies are keen to secure your work and will be flexible in their rates.  But it is important to shop around and get different quotes before deciding on who to use.  

PPC for financial companies does not have to be expensive if you compare quotes.

Are There Guarantees?

Guarantees with paid advertising is difficult, much of the results is based on the user.  

There are a few factors that can be controlled, but much of it is left in the users hands:

  • Landing Page – The page that clients will be presented with, does it look good, will people stay or leave?
  • Advert Text – Does the advert compelled people to visit your website?
  • Relevance Of Advert – Does it reflect your website – are they similar or just a ploy to get people to click?
  • Timings – Do more prospective customers visit the website in the day, evening, weekend?
  • Hit Ratio – What is the percentage of prospective clients vs students, competitors, job hunters.

PPC for financial companies does need safeguards.  

No company makes guarantees and search engines do not either.  It will be expensive (advertising prices & company/setup/management) but needs to be profitable.

Asking the agency about ROI and setting performance targets is wise in order to keep them in check.

Money cannot just be thrown at paid search, it does have to be monitored to ensure it is producing cost effective results.

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