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PPC Advertising For Insurance CompaniesCompare Quotes On PPC Marketing For UK Insurance Businesses

Since more or less all of us use the internet when getting insurance quotes, PPC for insurance companies is essential.  

Being found on page 1 will ensure you get customers wanting insurance quotes, however using natural rankings is almost impossible due to the competition.  

Just fill in the form to talk to local PPC agencies that know the financial and insurance markets.

Do Insurance Companies Need It?

The insurance industry is possibly one of the most competitive industry sectors for business.  As such, paid search is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. 

Even if people see a TV advert, they will turn to the internet in order to complete a quote form (or use a price comparison website to get quotes). 

If your site is not appearing naturally or on paid adverts, you are missing out. The insurance market is now dominated by price comparison sites like confused.com, how will your insurance company stand out?

How Much Does PPC For Insurance Companies Cost?

It is divided into two parts, the cost of the advertising (that goes to search engines) and the cost of the campaign management (set-up and monitoring of the campaign).

As the sector is a highly competitive one, the cost per click (CPA) will be high, and will be hard to control (even for a highly experienced agencies).  

We advise talking to agencies that have experience in doing marketing for insurance companies.

Choosing A Paid Advertising Agency

As it is such a highly competitive industry, selecting the very best agency is essential.  This can only be done on experience and their knowledge of the insurance sector.  

There are many paid media agencies that claim to be ‘award winning’ and ‘google partners‘, however are they going to generate you results?  Do you want to test the water with thousands of pounds only to find out they are working out of their bedroom?

Get Quotes On PPC For Insurance Companies

Since all agencies set their own fees, PPC costs do vary significantly.  It is wise to get a few quotes and compare management costs for paid search in order to get the best company at the best price.

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