Choosing A PPC Company

Choosing A PPC Advertising CompanyChoosing A PPC Company Can Be Tricky

Choosing a PPC company to work with is quite difficult, as there are hundreds around to choose from.

That is where we can help, by helping you to find the ‘right’ paid media company for your business.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from local PPC agencies.

What Is Paid Advertising All About?

Pay Per Click is an on-line marketing service that is based around you setting up adverts on a website (or more commonly a search engine) for free; and only paying when people click on those adverts.

This is a relatively new form of marketing that has come around as a result of google using it as their advertising platform.  

Google did offer another service that is based on cost per conversion, but that is slightly different and has been removed.  

Choosing a PPC company that knows what they are doing is important.

How Does Paid Advertising Work?

It would be based on you setting up a marketing campaign of keywords (words and phrases) that you want your adverts to appear for.

So if you want to target the word ‘florists’ you would ‘bid’ for this word.

Some words are more popular than others, so you may need to be flexible on how much you decide to bid.  

Once you have set up your campaign (your adverts, your keywords, when your adverts will appear) you set a daily budget and away you go.  

Choosing a PPC company that knows your industry will mean they will select the right keywords for you.

What Do They Do?

If you can set up a campaign yourself then why use a specialist company?

The reason is very simple really, if set up wrong can be a very expensive exercise.

There are millions of searches going on every day on search engines.  So if you do not set your criteria so that your adverts only appear when your customers are searching, then you could pay a high cost.  

Choosing a PPC company needs to be done with care.

A PPC company will set up and manage your campaign so that you are very focused on what words you are targeting.   This includes what times of the day you are advertising, where your adverts appear on a site/search engine and how much you are paying per click.

Choosing The Right Agency

Choosing a PPC company is something you need to be mindful about.  

There are lots and lots of pay per click ‘specialists’ around the UK.  Ranging from freelance computer geeks, to large Google approved agencies that charge a small fortune, produce you a monthly report etc.

Choosing the right company can be tricky as you need to find the right one. An agency that can advise you on what is needed, one that knows your product and industry, one that can get results.

Comparing Prices

There are as mentioned lots of agencies around the UK.  

So it is advised to talk to a few, get quotes and compare prices.  

Most PPC costs are based on a monthly fee to get your campaign set up and monitor it, this can range from £200 a month up to over £10,000.  

However some also charge a % of what you spend.  We can help you in choosing a PPC company.

Choosing the right agency could make the difference between you having a successful profitable campaign and loosing a lot of money.  

Loosing money to the search engines as competitors, students and overseas spammers use up your daily budget.

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