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Most universities realise that a strong online presence is important, and PPC for universities is one of the best ways to being seen.  

Both by prospective students, but also prospective lecturers.

Just fill in the form opposite to get free advice and quotes from local PPC agencies that have experience in the education industry.

Do Universities Need Paid Advertising?

These days, being found on the internet is essential to any business or institution. 

Most people that would be interested in university are internet proficient and would use search engines to locate one.  For this reason, paid search is a very effective marketing tool to use for advertising job vacancies, recruiting students, course marketing.

10 Helpful Points Of Advice

  1. Targeting and Reporting is important in a successful PPC campaign for any university.  Google has quite a comprehensive system for setting demographics such as location, gender, age groups etc.
  2. Focusing on keywords that have a high performance; this may well involve split testing campaigns to see which keywords work better than others.
  3. Use different bid strategies to optimise your PPC campaigns.  Rather than paying the highest CPC, using different bid strategies should be helpful.  This could be quite complicated and would really need an agency that knows Google’s PPC system well.
  4. Use Ad extensions on your adverts which should lead to specific landing pages.
  5. Define your audience via the demographics to ensure you are reaching who you class as your target audience.
  6. Monitor your success and optimise your campaigns to ensure each improvement is built upon.
  7. Linking your PPC campaign for the university to your social media campaigns.  Most students use all social media platforms such as Facebook and Tik Tok.
  8. Spit test campaigns to ensure that you only focus on ones that are successful.  This could cost in the short term, but should save you money in the long term.
  9. Consider a sales funnel, or higher to lower ‘customers’, some students are looking to enrol right away, some for next year.  Managing follow up should ensure that someone that enquiries a year ago is not forgotten about today.
  10. Simplify the enquiry form so that it is as basic as possible.  Some students may be happy to give lots of information, some will be put off by lengthy forms.  KISS is the name of the game ‘keep it simple stupid’ to ensure anyone can contact your university.

This is why talking to a professional PPC agency about a campaign for your university is important, and experience does count in the higher education sector.

How Much Would PPC For Universities Cost?

The cost can be broken down into two parts (the cost of the adverts/clicks, the management fee to the agency) both of which are variable. 

The cost per click is dependent on what the search engine is allowing for bids, but also how relevant the landing page is to the keyword or phrase.  

PPC prices can be high, so care needs to be taken in choosing the keywords to target.

Choosing A PPC Agency

There are thousands of PPC companies around the UK, ranging from freelancers working from home, up to top London firms. 

It is advised to select one that has experience in the higher education industry, that way they will have a better idea of what is involved from the beginning and there should be no learning curve.  

Marketing for universities is something that needs to be asked about. Care needs to be given to agencies claiming to be ‘recommended partners of google‘ or ‘award winning’.  

This does not mean they will be able to produce you results better than a small local agency.

Get Quotes On PPC For Universities

All PPC companies set their own fees, so PPC costs will vary significantly.  It is wise to get a few quotes before deciding who to use, that way you should find the best company for the best price.

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