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PR For NurseriesGet Public Relations And Media Support For Your Nursery

PR for Nurseries is used both for marketing and for handling media attention.  

Nurseries do not employ their own public relations staff, so using an external media agency is necessary.  The government is aware of the need of childcare, especially for families that are financially struggling.

The difficulty is finding a media agency that has experience in doing PR for nurseries and has a knowledge of the childcare sector.

Rather than spending time on google going through the agencies websites, let us do the hard work for you.  Just fill in the form to get public relations advice from agencies that know the childcare industry.

Do You Need To Use PR?

You would certainly benefit greatly from local media coverage, as this acts as a very powerful marketing tool. 

Most nurseries like yours work locally, attracting in children from the surrounding area.  Therefore by doing a little local media on a regular basis, you will help to raise the profile of your nursery, and increase the exposure to parents locally.  

Certainly as the competition grows, there is this need to stand out.  Brand awareness for nurseries is important, as parents are very selective on where they send their children.

Which Agency To Choose

There are hundreds of PR agencies around the UK but it is always wise to select one that has experience in doing work in the child care/education industry, and one that has a track record of success. There is no point talking to a media agency that has a track record of PR for banks.  

Using an agency that has experience of PR for nurseries is essential.  If they have worked with other nurseries, or childcare businesses, they will know the media since knowledge is power.  

They will know how and where to get you the best marketing exposure.  If they know about marketing for nurseries, they are much better equipped to support you.

How Much Would PR For Nurseries Cost?

PR prices do vary based on the agency’s size, location and overheads.  It is always good advice to get a few quotes and compare prices, whatever it is that you are looking for.  As a price comparison website, we do encourage you to shop around and compare prices.  

PR for nurseries does need an experienced media agency, but we want to help you get it at the best price.

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