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PR for renewable energy companies is essential in today’s energy conscious society.

As more people in the UK are becoming switched on to green energy, more are switching to eco-friendly companies.  

However finding a suitable agency is difficult, as there are so many public relations agencies in the UK to choose from.  

We always advise talking with PR agencies that have experience in doing marketing for renewable energy businesses.  If they have worked for green energy companies, or renewable energy companies, they are suitable for you.

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Growth Of Renewable Energy

As oil prices are rising and energy costs are going up, many consumers are looking towards renewable energy.

Governments, businesses and domestic householders are looking at cheaper ways to source energy.  

Everyone is looking towards a future that is not only cheaper but also cleaner.  However, in reality benefiting the environment is often very much secondary; it is the costs savings here and in the future that is fuelling the energy sector.

Due to the growing need, there have been hundreds of start-up companies right across the green energy market, in particular solar panel companies.

Marketing of the green energy sector is huge, and continues to grow.

Different Sorts Of Energy

The renewable energy sector although wide, is not very varied, as there are only a few different sorts of renewable energy available:

  • Solar – solar cells turning the suns energy into electrical power
  • Wind Power – wind turbines that charge a dynamo creating electricity
  • Tidal Power – floats set into coastal waters that rise and fall with the tide generating energy
  • Geothermal – water that is super heated sent deep underground and brought back up
  • Hydropower – water stored behind a dam that is used to drive turbines.

Some forms of green energy are more popular than others due to their accessibility.  All of the above are carried out by big business.  

The only one that is used by the domestic market in small amounts is solar power.  Solar power is becoming popular with residential homes with homes installing eight or more solar panels that are normally set onto the roof of the house.

All of the above energy sectors are using public relations in a bid to turn an oil hungry world towards more renewable energy alternatives.

Industry Media Support

It is anticipated that developed countries in the world will gradually turn from oil and other fossil fuel energies towards more sustainable energy alternatives. 

As big businesses seek to back green energy, public relations plays a big role in their own brand awareness.  

In educating foreign nations of the importance for a more ecological living standard.  Green energy is a hot topic as developing countries seek to reduce their carbon footprint.  The problem is of course developing countries feel that they should benefit from technology rather than being told what to do again.

Industry Experienced Agencies

With the growth in the renewable energy sector, there has been a growth in specialist PR agencies that focus on the sector. 

Many agencies do have past clients or have worked in the renewable industry, and there are a few that work exclusively in the renewable energy market.  

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