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PR For RetailGet Public Relations Support For Your Shop

PR for retail companies is essential in the difficult high street market.  As the online retail market continues to grow,

Public relations for shops is essential for growth and survival.  

We do always advise talking with PR agencies that have experience in doing PR for shops.  They will know the media channels you need to work with, and how to position your brand in this challenging market.

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Recession For Shops?

The retail sector in the UK is huge, spanning hundreds of thousands of shops, stores, groups and support companies.  According to government statistics, the sector is growing.

The shopping sector is complex and has its own culture and trends.  The growth of the online retail industry is spearheaded by Amazon.

Dominated by top brands such as Arcadia, Sainsbury’s, Next Plc, Harrods and other group brands.  All of these groups are operating fierce media campaigns to ensure they are seen, in the right places, and remain at the top of the market.  Even PR for card businesses like Clintons is necessary to stand out in our declining high streets.

Consider small shops like butchers, they need PR and media support to try and stop us all departing the high street and heading to the supermarkets for everything.

Theatres need PR as less and less people can afford to go out on a regular basis.

Being seen at the top in the industry is half the battle; it intends to get you to the top of the industry in your town or region.  Public relations can help you get there.

What Is PR For Shops Important?

The main thing to consider when looking at an agency is their industry experience.  The agency must have experience of the retail sector in order to communicate your message effectively.  Why would you talk to an agency that is experienced in doing media for universities?

An agency that knows the retail industry will help you so much more, as they already have the contacts within the main industry media channels.  They know how the shopping industry works, as the sector is different to all other industries, and how the market reacts to newcomers.

How Much Does It Cost?

Most companies charge a monthly retainer for their work.  This is normally agreed after having had an initial meeting, to determine an overview of the business/group goal.  

What level of media coverage is needed across what media (TV, press, on-line), and of course, the budget that will be allocated towards public relations.

All agencies tend to put together a package that is unique to the client, rather than just having a menu of prices to select from.  They are bespoke and tailored to their client’s needs and budget.

Finding An Agency

There are a lot of agencies in the UK, however only a few that work in the retail sector.

The main thing is to find an experienced agency that can look after your size of business. 

Selecting a company with retail marketing experience is only logical, rather than one that is specialist in, for example, the leisure industry.  

They come in all shapes and sizes, thus finding a agency that can handle your sized retail organisation is key. 

Whether you are a large group or a small free-standing shop, there are companies that can offer you the level of support you need; it is just a case of finding them.

Compare Multiple Prices

All  set their own fees, there are no industry standard rates, and as a result public relations prices do vary from agency to agency.  

It is wise to compare in order to find an agency with retail experience, that can offer competitive prices.  The last thing you need these days is to overspend on media support, as the recession is still affecting the industry.  As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the best agency for the best price.  Public relations for shops can be very powerful, let us help you find out why.

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