Telemarketing for Banks

Consider all the banking enquiries there may be covering a whole range of topics that people want to discuss on the phone.  You now have sophisticated and interactive website that aim to answer questions via a troubleshooting system.  Telemarketing for banking is necessary for when enquiries do come through.

People generally do like to have a phone conversation with a person rather than spending time going through an automated trouble shooting system that is generic and non personal.  Some of the topics that need phone support would be:

  • Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Overdraft Facility
  • Bank Charges
  • Credit Cards
  • Bank Fraud
  • Lost Cards/Pins

All have phone help lines and technical support to help their thousands/tens of thousands of customers to tackle the above topics.  Plus many others that arise with regards to personal and business finance.

Telephone Support

Very few of you have people on site handling questions and queries.  Calls normally go to an 0845 number which is normally a calling company that has been assigned access to customer/business accounts.  This is to take over the day to day issues that arise and allow you to be able to deal with less day to day issues.  Telemarketing for banking is highly necessary.

Most calling is handled within the UK, but some is outsourced overseas (something that most UK customers object to).  Whether you are with HSBC, TSB or Loyds Bank, telemarketing for banking will be used.

Whilst some people find this great, a helpful solution to the difficulties of the past; others find it frustrating that they are not able to talk to you direct.

The Future

Most telemarketing for banking is inbound calling; very little of calling is outbound.

People will always want to discuss financial issues on the phone and many customers do not like the idea that their queries are being outsourced to telemarketing companies as opposed to directly with banks.

Global companies will make use of large call center facilities due to thousands of calls and customer queries they will receive each day and this is unlikely to chance despite the growth of online banking.

We have seen more and more banking switching to online banking and banking websites – as it is automated, takes human error out, reduces costs – yet is less personal.

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