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Financial companies have been utilising telemarketing services for decades now, for a variety of needs (lead generation, customer service etc.).  

Often, outsourcing to specialist consultants is easier that employing staff yourself (good people are hard to find).  

However, with hundreds of agencies in the UK, choosing one that knows about telemarketing for financial companies is challenging.  

That is where we come in – to help you get quotes just like any price comparison website.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from experts that have telemarketing experience with banks and financial businesses.

Do You Need Telemarketing?

It is very much an essential service, and one that will always be required in one form or another.  

Whether handled internally or outsourced to an agency, you will need to use it due to the human contact with your clients.

There are a number of areas that most industry companies like yours would need to use this for:

  • Customer Care – When clients need phone support about their accounts/savings
  • Complaints – If there are issues, normally people want to talk to someone
  • Sales – Sales people need to talk to prospects on the phone
  • Tech Support – As the IT side of your company grows, so to do issues that need support on the phone
  • Appointment Making – Linked to sales, some need to book appointments with clients

Choosing A Partner

There are hundreds of telemarketing companies around the UK, so you have the problem of who to use; someone small, large, local?

The best advice would be for you to use a company that has industry experience, one that has done marketing for financial companies in the past and knows the industry, the jargon etc. (to minimise the learning curve).

If possible, it is helpful to meet with the agency, to get to know them, chat about their experience (and level of experience) and knowledge of the sector.  

By meeting the calling team, you have the chance to build a relationship with them.  Companies are more likely to try to generate results for you if they have met with you and have a personal relationship.

Compare Prices Today

Of the 400+ agencies around the UK, all set their own rates, there are no standard telemarketing prices around the UK.

But why is telemarketing expensive?

Paying a high rate will not guarantee results, neither will getting a cheap price; it is the quality of the calling that matters (this is where a meeting is necessary).

Some companies charge per hour, some per day, some per month; so it is a case of shopping around to find one that fits into your budget.

If you have any concerns, then you can always ask for a trial period (of a day or two) to see how they perform.

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