Telemarketing For Logistics Companies

Telemarketing For Logistics

Telemarketing can be very helpful for logistics companiesWith over 400 agencies to choose from, finding the best agency could take time.  This is where we can help, by getting you quotes on telemarketing for logistics companies; agencies that work in the transport and logistics sectors. Rather than spending time on google, let us help. Just fill in the form to talk with telemarketing companies that know the transport and logistics industry.

Why Would It Benefit You?

Telemarketing for logistics companies can be used for both inbound and outbound calling.  Telesales is all about outbound calling, to generate new clients and get new orders.  It could also be used to handle inbound queries, complaints etc. If you want to quickly generate new leads, then this is one of the best marketing tools to consider

How Much Would Telemarketing For Logistics Companies Cost?

All marketing agencies set their own fees, as private companies there is no standard rate. Most agencies work on a day rate basis, this can range from £100 a day up to over £500 per day, but telemarketing prices do vary from agency to agency. The cost does vary, depending on a few factors.  As all companies are privately owned, they each set their own fees depending on their experience, their resources, their overheads and their profit margins.  We aim to help you get the best, most effective lead generation campaign, for the lowest price possible.

Get Quotes On Telemarketing For Logistics Companies

It is highly advised to get a few quotes from different agencies, so as to compare their experience, track record and prices for the campaign. Get 4-5 quotes to compare from different agencies.  Ask them about data, can they supply your with data for the campaign, if not you may have to purchase it from a data broker separately and supply it for them to call against.

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