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Telemarketing for material handling companies is a great way to quickly generate new enquiries.  

By quickly calling up a few prospects, new leads can be generated within hours or days!

The UK has over 400 lead generation companies, ranging from freelancers working from home, up to large call centres with dozens of telemarketing experts.  

Choosing the right agency to handle the campaign really comes down to their industry experience.  Do they work in the material handling sector, or engineering sectors?

As you will see from a quick internet search, there are lots of pages to go through.  Just fill in the form to speak to 5 telemarketing agencies that know the material handling industry.

Why Would Telemarketing Be Used?

Telemarketing has long been know to be an effective marketing tool for following up sales leads and setting appointments. 

A great way to quickly generate sales leads and to boost enquiries. 

The industry is very much based around UK manufacturing engineering and construction industries.  So the problem most companies face, is that they are facing a shrinking market.  The answer, using telesales companies to boost new sales leads.

How Much Does Telemarketing Cost?

Prices from telemarketing agencies will range quite considerably depending on the agency that is selected. 

All telemarketing companies different and all have different fees based on their size, overheads and profit margins.  It is wise to shop around and compare quotes, so you can get the best agency for the best price.

Another thing to consider is the data that will be used.  Is the agency going to be using your data, or would they be supplying it themselves (if so, how much are they going to charge you)?

Who Are You Contacting?

Will your material handling telemarketing campaign require a high level or low level telemarketing agent?

What level of contact will you require speaking with?

If you are contacting large companies or small companies, contacting CEO’s or contacting junior managers.

This will effect the level of telemarketing agent you will require, how many agents and the overall cost of how much the telemarketing campaign will cost you each month.

How many days will you require each month?  1 day per week or 5 days a week?

Also when will you require new business.  Do you need work right now, or is it a case of targeted calling for topping up clients later down the line?

Again, this will have an effect on how much you will be looking at paying each month to the telemarketing company.

Following The Sales Process

The process of generating new sales leads is the same for engineering and material handling companies as it is for any UK company.

  • Research – Research before starting telemarketing is key.  Failure to prepare is the same as preparing to fail, as they say.  This would include preparing data and preparing for a days worth of calling.  Getting the mix between cold calling and follow up calls is also important, so you are generating new leads as well as hopefully closing a few.
  • Follow Up Calls – At the end of each call, agreeing a follow up time is important.  This could be within a week or a month but not longer than a month.  Using your CRM system to it’s maximum is important as they were designed for just this thing, managing accounts.
  • Tenacity – Telemarketing for material handling companies requires tenacity, as all telemarketing does.  Not all accounts will turn into customers/leads.  Telemarketing is a numbers game, it always has been and it will always remain so.

The process of selling is a step by step process, if you follow the process in the same way a cook follows a recipe, the results should speak for themselves.

Get Quotes On Telemarketing For Material Handling Companies Today

We do encourage getting a few quotes from experienced telemarketing companies to compare, so you get a feel for their experience and prices for the campaign.  

We have put together some effective telemarketing tips that may be helpful.

Price comparison websites are popular these days, comparing telemarketing companies is really no different.  As telemarketing prices vary so considerably, shopping around for quotes is wise.

With marketing, you do not get what you pay for.  The most expensive telemarketing company is not going to produce you the best results.  Just as the telemarketing company at the top of page 1 on Google is not the best, just has the most optimised website.

We want to help your material handling business find the ‘right’ telemarketing company.

One thing to ask is about any guarantees that they can offer, or if they offer a trial period for you to see what they are like?

Sometimes having a few days (paid for of course) to test the water is a good thing to do.  Not all telemarketing companies will agree to this, but some may be willing to do a trial,

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