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Telemarketing for roofing companies is a proven way to quickly generate new sales leads and tenders to follow up.

Whether you are a commercial or a domestic roofing company, the same problem exists – generating new leads.    

By using an agency that is experienced in construction telemarketing, you can get new sales leads within hours.

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Roofing In The UK

Since the recession started back in 2007, many roofing companies have struggled in generating new business.

Historically the construction industry has been very busy due to the number of new build houses and extensions that people were looking to do (as part of increasing value in their property).

However as work has dropped off, many firms have found themselves in a difficult situation and looking at ways of marketing.  

Telemarketing for roofing companies is one of the quickest ways for roofing companies to generate new leads.

Boom In Roofing Companies

During the boom years pre 2007; many new roofing companies were set up by builders looking to go freelance and develop on their own.

Now that things have dropped off, the industry is now left with a large solution to a small problem; too many roofers and to little work.

Despite many construction companies closing there are still hundreds of companies chasing too little business.

This is where lead generation comes in, as it helps you get ahead.

Industry Experience

One thing that is important is industry experience.  Of the hundreds of agencies there are in the UK, it is important to use one that has construction marketing experience.

Lead Generation

Many construction companies in the industry are new to marketing, having historically been in a sector whereby business is booming and clients approached them.  Allowing them to pick and choose the projects they wanted to work on.

One popular form of lead generation is cold calling; due the speed that leads can be generated, making it a popular form of marketing.

Generally this is outsourced to an agency in order to call around prospects (normally locally) to generate enquiries and meetings.  

Typically agencies will follow up construction tenders, which let them know who is tendering work and what the value of the work is.

Whether you are looking to target the business or domestic market, there are a number of agencies that can handle the calling for you.

The Costs Involved

 All marketing agencies are independent and all set their own fees.  

Cost is always an issue for many businesses; however due to the financial constraints that you are under, finding a cost effective company is essential.

It is therefore necessary to compare telemarketing prices and ensure that an agency is chosen that both knows the industry and can provide a cost effective service.  

Prices are normally based monthly and can range from £100 a day up to over £600, so shopping around to find the right marketing company is important.

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