Telemarketing For Shops And Retail Companies

Compare Quotes On Telemarketing For Shops And Retail CompaniesCompare Quotes On Telemarketing For Shops

For many shops and retail businesses, having support is vital to the smooth running of the business.  

However with over 450 telemarketing agencies in the UK to choose from, the difficulty is where to start.  

We can help by putting you in touch with agencies that have experience in doing telemarketing for shops.  

Rather than spending time on google looking for agencies, let us help.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from experts that know about the retail and shopping industry.

Do You Need Telemarketing Support?

Truth indeed that the retail sector is struggling, since most of us have switched to online shopping.

Any shop (whether online or high street) will need to use it in one form or another.  Telemarketing is becoming more popular as the pressure deepens on the high street.

You have customers that will need to discuss a broad range of topics (some of which are):

  • Stock questions/size questions (if a clothes shop)
  • Account questions
  • Website issues
  • Refunds & Returns
  • Delivery issues
  • Complaints
  • Credit questions

Even online stores need to have a resource for customers to be able to talk to a person in order to resolve an issue.  This would be handled internally (by a customer care department) or externally (by an agency).

The majority of retail companies would be inbound calling (handling of customer queries like the above bullet points) however some may use outbound calling for customer loyalty, credit issues etc.

Choosing A Company With Experience

There are well over 450 telemarketing agencies in the UK, working in all kinds of industries from IT & telecoms, to electronics and leisure. 

When choosing an agency, it is wise to find one with experience. 

The industry is fiercely competitive and retail marketing knowledge is needed in order to work through the various issues and topics that occur.

There are a wide range of companies, from students working from home, up to large call centers. 

They can portray anything on their websites and many profess to be ‘the UK’s leading company’ despite only trading for 3 months.

Meeting The Agency

Outbound calling can be expensive, so it is very wise to arrange a meeting to visit the agency.  Meet some of their staff and get a feel for what they are able to offer (as this can be different to what their website claims).

At the meeting, discussions about industry knowledge and experience can be done face to face and a good understanding of the agency with their knowledge of the retail industry.

Compare Prices On Calling

There are hundreds of different telemarketing agencies around the UK, all with different levels of calling experience, skill levels and costs.

There are no standard rates and all agencies set their own prices, based on the following:

  • Cost Per Call/Meeting
  • Cost Per Day
  • Cost Per Month

It is wise to compare a few a few marketing companies that have industry experience in order to get an average feel for prices involved. 

The cheapest company is not necessarily the best, but comparing quotes should avoid you overpaying and adding to someones holiday fund.

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