Telemarketing for Solar PV

There has been an increase in enquiries for telemarketing into Solar PV recently as the solar energy industry has grown and competition has become more fierce.

Solar PV stands for Solar photovoltaics and is the technical name for the solar panels that we know from the calculators we used in school (if we had calculators in school) and the panels that are starting to make more of an occurrence on peoples house roofs.

More and more supply companies have been looking for lead generation support into this growing industry to sell domestic solar PV panels into homes.

This is a hard task, as it would involve cold calling residential houses and asking a couple of simple questions:

Do you currently have a Solar PV system Would you be interested in the costs of a Solar PV system Can we come and give you a free demonstration of Solar PV Hard work, as B2C telemarketing is generally more difficult than calling businesses.

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