Telemarketing For Surveyors

Telemarketing for surveyors is becoming a very popular form of marketing, particularly because it is so quick to generate results.  With the growing number of surveyors there are in the UK, chasing new work becomes something of a necessity. However as a busy practice, finding time to get new clients is difficult, and hiring someone full time is a bit extreme.  This is why telemarketing for surveyors is a good option.  By using a telemarketing agency that can quickly generate new tender opportunities. Just fill in the form to get quotes for telemarketing, from agencies that have experience in the construction and building industry.
Telemarketing For Surveyors

Telemarketing For Surveyors In the UK

Many surveyors like you, around the UK are looking into telemarketing as a form of lead generation. The construction sector has had a very up and down time over the past 10 years.  With the recession kicking in during 2007, many capital projects were cancelled or put on hold.  Things have got busier since 2017 and many new government projects are giving spin off projects. Telemarketing therefore has become a great tool for surveyors to utilise to pick up new projects. This is a big part of the overall strategy of marketing for surveyors and perhaps one of the most powerful and proactive forms of marketing.

Looking For New Leads

Many surveyors are needing more sales enquiries, more business opportunities that you can follow up and tender on.  This is where this area of marketing can help, in terms of doing cold calling to generate new enquiries. There are still business enquiries around for you to tender on, but due to the downturn, not enough to keep all busy all the time.  Telemarketing can help each one of you pick and choose which tenders are suitable for your practice. During the boom years of 2000, many new companies did start and grew successfully; but as work slackened off there is now a surplus number all competing for work.  Into 2015 onwards as many surveyors closed, there is now plenty of tenders up for grabs.

Industry Experience

There are over 450 telemarketing companies around the UK for you to choose from; based on this choice it is logical for you to select one that has experience in the construction market.  This not only gives the agency a good start on the calling campaign; but also a quicker return of investment in generating quicker results. It is advised for you to meet with the firm; despite work being carried out over the phone, a face to face meeting does help the agency understand you.

Prices Of Telemarketing For Surveyors

All agencies are different, different size agencies, different experience and different telemarketing prices.  It is advised to shop around and compare quotes from different agencies in order to find the right one for the best price.

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