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Public Relations (PR) is important for virtually every business these days, helping to create awareness of your brand and news about your business.  A PR agency can help manage your reputation and also aid as a powerful marketing tool to boost your new customer base.

PR can be done in the traditional press, social media and also via e-mail press releases.

There are over 2,000 PR agencies in the UK, so finding the right one for your business may be a hard task.

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What is Public Relations?

At its core, public relations is about building and maintaining a positive reputation for your brand or business. The competitive edge gained from a strong brand image can be invaluable to distinguish your business from your competitors, especially if you’re in a crowded industry.

PR attempts to create and maintain a positive impression of your business to anyone who comes into contact with it, and the PR agencies on our books specialise in this practice.

How can a PR agency help your business?

A PR agency that knows your sector will be able to tell your story in a language your customers will understand.

They’ll be able to reach your audience with your message, thanks to their established contacts within relevant trade and industry press, as well as local and national news if necessary.

Additionally a PR agency will have the level of knowledge required to successfully engage with a range of PR tactics to build your brand, including public speaking events and conferences, sponsorships, newsletters and of course, press releases.

Ultimately the better your business’ reputation, the better you’ll be able to retain customers and gain new ones.

What services do PR agencies offer?

A good PR agency will offer a wide range of services to protect and enhance your reputation, and many now offer this online as well as offline.

Services include:

  • Reputation and brand management
  • Media/press relations
  • Writing and distributing press releases, newsletters and white papers
  • Finding and planning events and conferences
  • Market research
  • SEO, social media & blogger outreach

Specify what services you need and agencies who offer those services will get in touch with you.

Do I need a PR agency or can I do it myself?

It depends on the size of your business and your area of industry, but in many cases a PR agency will make life easier for you, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

A small start up with a tight budget may benefit from self-PR at first, but eventually it will be beneficial to hire a PR agency to grow your brand and spread your message consistently. Using a PR agency from the outset, if you can afford it, may even be a better tactic to ensure that your brand grows efficiently with a consistent message and maximum exposure to your target audience.

Companies trying to do their own PR face a number of hurdles. Firstly, you have to be clear and consistent with your messaging and brand values, and secondly, direct these to the correct audience. Spread yourself too thinly, or with too many messages, and you risk creating confusion. A PR agency will have experience in growing your brand in the right way. Thirdly, the value of contacts in PR is invaluable, and PR agencies will have relationships with journalists and other contacts which would take years to cultivate yourself, if it all.

Another thing to consider is that in the modern day, many PR agencies cover a number of different disciplines to achieve your PR goals, from traditional press releases and reputation management, to more digital PR involving social media, blogger outreach and SEO. The levels of expertise in an excellent modern PR agency will be hard to replicate just by yourself.

What questions should I bear in mind when hiring a PR agency?

What is your measure of success? How will you know if I am achieving a positive ROI?

The effects of PR can be difficult to quantify, especially offline. Find out how PR agencies that approach you have a clear idea of how they measure success, so that you know they’re doing the right things to achieve your goals.

How much will it cost?

All agencies are different, therefore PR costs will vary greatly.

What success have you had managing a brand in the same industry as mine before?

Contacts are invaluable in public relations. If a PR agency has had experience in managing PR for a brand in a similar industry before, they should have the know-how and contacts required to make your campaign a success. Client feedback and trust are useful, so make sure to do some research.

Will my service be tailor-made to my business? Why are you better than other PR agencies?

You want to ensure that a PR agency doesn’t offer the same standard service to every client. Your PR campaign should be tailored to the goals of your business. Pick an agency which best understands your needs, and which sets out a plan to deliver. The second question should help you identify what makes an agency stand out from the crowd, but be wary that you’re not being sold hyperbole!

How frequently can I expect to see coverage in the media?

Clearly this will be linked to your budget, and the type of industry you’re in, but you want to make sure that you’re going to be getting an acceptable amount of media exposure for your budget. Ask the PR agencies who give you quotes to provide this information, and see which suits you best.

Why are you the right agency for my business?

Can you tell me something I don’t already know about my business?See whether the PR agencies in contact with you can offer any valuable insights into your business before you start working with them. If they can, it displays that they can think creatively, understand your business, and ultimately are the right agency to take your business forward.

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Select Your Service And Get Advice, Help And Quotes From registered businesses
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