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If you are based locally in and around Manchester and are looking for a branding agency, we do advise you talking to branding companies in Manchester. 

Local is always best as you can visit them and have that face to face conversation that is so rare these days with quick phone calls and email.

However, finding the ‘right’ branding agency for your business is tricky.  Who is the best?

Most branding companies in the UK claim to be the best and most are ‘award winning’, so how to you sort the wheat from the chaff, how do you find the ‘right’ agency?

Choosing the top agency on Google should give you the best agency right?

Wrong, that is not how the internet works.  The agency at the top just has the best optimised website, this tells you nothing about their design capabilities.

We can help, by helping you compare a few local quotes free of charge.

Just fill in the form opposite to get free advice and quotes from local branding agencies in Manchester.

Manchester has a more or less unlimited resource of brand development agencies due to its size and cultural diversity.  

Manchester is the second largest city in the UK the first being London.  With a thriving university and youth scene new design companies are being started up frequently as entrepreneurial people decide to go it alone.

The city has around 2,000 design companies, from small design studios up to large brand specialists that work with global brands.

Based on the number of designers, it does make good practical sense for businesses to use a local agency rather than using a design agency in Stockport or Leeds.

What Is Branding?

Branding is the emotions that come to your mind when you see a businesses name or their shop.  Let’s have a look at a few examples of a few leading brands and uncover what their branding conveys:

  • KFC
  • Harrods
  • Ford
  • Bacardi

These are brands that we all know of, what does their brand say though?

Harrods is a high end department store, high prices, but we know it is quality.

KFC we think of Colonel Sanders and his chicken, more expensive than your local take away but we trust the taste.

Ford has been around since 1903, affordable cars that are not terribly reliable, but we trust the brand.

Bacardi is a leading alcoholic drinks brand that owns multiple drinks companies, however it is best known for it’s rum.

Trust is the pattern that we can see, branding prompts trust from the UK customer base and that is what you are looking to create from your marketing.

But how can a branding company in Manchester achieve this?

  • Your Logo – What is the story behind your logo, is there a story, is there a reason it is how it it?  Your brand should start with your logo, creating something memorable, relevant and something that stands out is what is important.
  • Colour – What colours are you going to choose for your logo and why?  Colours communicate different things, for example red is linked to danger, green is linked to nature and so on.  Most companies only have one or two colours in their logo so choosing your colours also needs to be linked to your company story or history.
  • Website – These days your website is often the first port of call, whether you are a shop in central Manchester, a solicitor, a builder etc.  Your website needs to be modern, responsive to mobiles and smartphones but also carry your brand.

Not all branding companies in Manchester are experienced, new branding companies are popping up on a regular basis.  Do you really want a brand new marketing company designing your brand?

On the other hand, if a branding company has been trading for 20+ years, is this any sign that they are the one to choose?

Not at all, this is the reason it is wise to compare quotes from branding companies around Manchester, ones that have done branding in your industry sector.

Meet Brand Designers In Manchester

The main benefit that working with any brand company in Manchester is the chance to meet up (without spending a fortune on petrol or in taking a day out). 

It is always good to meet with a designer (certainly before signing on the line) as you can get a good feel for what they are like at a face to face meeting. 

If they make any claims on their website, such as ‘We are the top branding company in Manchester’ then you can ask them why and how they can prove it.

Many design agencies shy away from meetings, as it takes up time that could be spend servicing other clients. 

A face to face allows the chance for you to command their attention on your project 100% and give a chance to thrash out any objections or niggles in the design.

Choosing A Local Designer

All branding designers in Manchester are different, all with different ideas, different approaches and different costs.

With marketing, you do not get what you pay for, sadly.  The most expensive branding company in Manchester does not make them the best.  However when you compare quotes, you do not select the cheapest quote as you would with car insurance.  It is about finding the ‘right’ branding firm for your business, and that will vary depending on what your business does.

Comparing local designers gives you the chance to get diffenent approaches, different kinds of feedback and an idea of the best design for your brand. 

Comparing branding prices is always good also, as design prices will vary from agency to agency.

If you would like to get some design ideas together, compare quotes or talk to a few branding companies, then just complete the form to the right.  As a price comparison website, we want to help you get the best agency for the best price.

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