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Branding is about what is conjured up to mind when people see your logo or school name.  

Branding for schools is important in setting your school out from all the others.  

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Do You Need Branding?

With over 32,000 schools in the UK according to BESA, you need to stand out.  

Think about it, what attracts parents to place their children with you or a competitor? 

Indeed it is the reputation, but most will have a look at the schools website.  

To get a feel for what you are like from what the website shows, and reviews.  This all has to to with the design, how you hold yourself and communicate your unique message.  

Ofsted figures will also have an effect on parents placing their children with you, but how you carry yourself is a strong communication.

How Much Does Branding Cost?

Branding for schools can be very expensive, but does not really need to be.  

If you choose the right agency, then it can be very affordable. 

The main costs associated with design work, are the agency that is selected (as they have their running costs and profit margins).  

If the agency has a lot of staff, plush offices, then their branding costs will be high.  They all set their own fees, so branding prices will vary considerably.  

Branding for schools does not need to be expensive if you shop around for quotes.  

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Choosing A Designer

When considering brand developers, it is wise to select one that has design experience in the education sector. 

If they have done work for universities or other educational bodies in the past (successfully) and have a good track record, they will be the best agency to talk to. 

If they have experience in doing marketing for schools, they will know how to position your brand in the education industry.

Get A Quote

We do encourage talking to a few agencies and getting a few quotes to compare.  Branding for schools does not have to be expensive.  Just fill in the form to see.

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