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Branding is about what is conjured up to mind when people see your logo or school name.  

Every year, a new group of families shops around for schools and considers where they want to send their children.

As a school, you want to do everything you can to get their attention and show them what you’re all about. Whether you are a primary school, a secondary school or a special needs school, you need to stand out.  But how do you do that when you’re not sure how or where they’ll encounter you?

Branding for schools is important in setting your school out from all the others.  

Branding is more than just your logo or a tagline; it encompasses your school’s entire identity. It embodies the values, mission, and learning philosophy of your school.

A strong brand builds credibility, trust, and a sense of belonging among students, parents, and the community. It allows schools to stand out in a crowded market and makes a lasting impression on prospective students and their families.

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Do Schools Need Branding?

With over 32,000 schools in the UK according to BESA, you need to stand out.  

That’s where school branding comes in. Branding is the process of presenting your school’s character and personality in every way you communicate, from your newsletters to the banner in your front hallway. It’s the best way to put a particular image in people’s minds when they think about your school.

Think about it, what attracts parents to place their children with you or a competitor? 

A schools branding matters as much as a consumer companies branding matters.  They are attracting customers, you are too, just replacing the word customer with family.  You need to attract both the pupils and the parents.  The pupils should want to go to your school.  The parents should want to feel proud to be associated with your school.

Indeed it is your reputation, but most will have a look at the schools website.  

To get a feel for what you are like from what the website shows, and reviews.  This all has to to with the design, how you hold yourself and communicate your unique message.  

Ofsted figures will also have an effect on parents placing their children with you, but how you carry yourself is a strong communication.

If you are a fee paying school, you need a strong brand to attract fee paying parents that see the value in sending their children to your school over other fee paying schools.

If your school is in an area of high ethnic density, your schools brand needs to reflect this, whether it is an area of high Indian numbers, or high numbers of Eastern Europeans.

Brand Differentiation

Your school needs to stand out from the other 32,000 schools in the UK, which is tricky since all schools have their own story.

How long has your school been running, are you a new school or can you trace your history back hundreds of years?

Your brand encompasses a variety of marketing channels, including your logo, your school Moto, your website and your social media pages.  It needs to appeal to not just students, but parents from different ethnic backgrounds.

Do You Know Your Brand Strategy

Every school needs to have a brand strategy, it is what fuels customer loyalty.  Certainly schools are not commercial machines such as fashion brands or shops, but in a sense, there is a need to look at the model that they use.

You want your students to be proud to go to your school, you want your parents to want to get involved with school events.  You want ex students to recommend your school, commend the teachers and be proud to be associated with your school.

The Importance Of Consistency

Your branding strategy is held together by consistency in the different areas of your brands communication for your school.  This is through traditional communication via snail mail, e-mail communication, your website and any social media postings.

How Much Does Branding Cost?

Branding for schools can be very expensive, but does not really need to be.  

If you choose the right design agency, then it can be very affordable. 

The main costs associated with design work, are the agency that is selected (as they have their running costs and profit margins).  

If the design agency has a lot of staff, plush offices, then their branding costs will be high.  They all set their own fees, so branding prices will vary considerably.  

Branding for schools does not need to be expensive if you shop around for quotes.  

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Choosing A Good Designer

When considering brand developers, it is wise to select one that has design and branding experience in the education sector. 

If they have done work for universities or other educational bodies in the past (successfully) and have a good track record, they will be the best agency to talk to. 

If they have experience in doing marketing for schools, they will know how to position your brand in the education industry.

Compare Multiple Quotes

We do encourage talking to a few branding agencies and getting a few quotes to compare.  Branding for schools does not have to be expensive, but it can be very expensive.

All branding companies in the UK are private companies, profit making companies and they will all want your business.  They all want your money.

With branding, you do not get what you pay for; the most expensive agency does not make them the best.  In the same way that choosing the top result on Google is no guarantee of them being the best.

We advise shopping around and comparing quotes from a few local branding companies that have experience in doing branding for schools and working in the education industry.

Ask them for samples of their work, have a look at their portfolio.  Do you like their work, do the schools in their portfolio still work with them?

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