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PPC for photography studios is important, as most people will use the internet to find a photographer.

Being found online is the most important thing for a photographer.  

Since most photographers work in the local area, there are lots of options available to work alongside and effective PPC campaign.

The challenge though is the competition, since the photography sector is growing increasingly competitive.  Wedding photographers, baby photographers, videography, drone footage are all expanding.

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Is PPC For Photography Studios Needed?

PPC is one of the most powerful forms of marketing for photographic studios (second to word of mouth) as it can be set up very quickly.

By setting up a campaign for a photography website, a new studio can get instant website traffic.  Most people when looking for a wedding photographer, or for an anniversary, will jump onto google.

Things To Consider When Talking To PPC Agencies

There are a few things to consider when talking to PPC companies about your photography studio doing a campaign.

  • Search Engines & Social Media

PPC is not just restricted to the search engines, but can span ‘partner websites’ and different social media platforms.  Consider someone searching for a photographer on Google.  They then go onto Facebook to message someone and then your advert appears, you now have a new customer!

  • Split Testing Campaigns

Spit testing is an important part of PPC for any photography studio.  What keywords work best for you, which are cheaper and which are expensive?  What landing pages work best.  PPC is all about testing, and fine tuning.  Also consider what times of day your potential customers going to be searching, what about evening and weekends?

  • Freelancer Vs Agency

All PPC companies set their own rates, mostly a monthly charge to monitor and make tweaks to your campaign.

Would a freelancer be best to setup and manage your campaign?  Certainly they are cheaper than an agency, but do they have the experience?

Most PPC compare have lot of website testimonials, and many are ‘award winning’ so choosing the ‘right’ agency for your photography studio needs to be done with care.

How Much Will PPC Cost?

PPC for photography studios does not have to be expensive.  Basically it is broken down into two parts:

  • The Advertising Cost : This is the cost per click (which goes to the search engine)
  • The Management Fee : This is the monthly retainer for set up and management (which goes to the agency)

All businesses set their own advertising budget each month.  This could be a few hundred pounds to millions depending on competition and the amount of business that is being sought.

Again, choosing a freelancer will be cheaper, but are they ‘right’ for your studio?  The cheapest agency is not necessarily the best, but going with the most expensive will not guarantee results.

Choosing An Agency

When considering an agency, it is wise to select one that has experience in the camera industry.  One that has done work in the photography industry before and has a track record of success.

As there are so many paid advertising agencies around the UK, it only makes sense.  Marketing for photographers is something you can find by looking at an agencies portfolio of clients.

Get Multiple Quote

We live in a world of price comparison, and comparing marketing costs is really no different.  Again, since all PPC compare are independent, fees will vary considerably.  PPC for photography studios does not have to be expensive.  We can help you compare PPC costs today.

It is wise to get a few quotes in, to view different agencies proposals and prices.

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