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PPC Advertising For Property CompaniesCompare Quotes On Pay Per Click Advertising For UK Property Businesses

PPC for property companies is very important, as everyone uses the internet these days.

 Just fill in the form to get quotes and advice from local PPC agencies that know the construction and building sector.

Do Property Companies Need To Use It?

PPC for property companies is quite a new form of marketing.  

It is a very quick and powerful way of drawing in new visitors to the website.

Of course converting the visitors to enquiries is down to the website.  However in terms of drawing in new visitors, it is a very good marketing tool.

How Would PPC for Property Companies Benefit?

Paid advertising is a quick way for you to get onto page 1 on search engines.  

Search engines rank websites depending on their relevance to the search made, this is called SEO

However a short-cut is to advertise for certain keywords, this is paid advertising.

 It is done based on a cost per click, so the advert to appear on searches is free.  The cost only comes when a visitor clicks on the advert.

Having a campaign can appear for any local or national construction related searches that are relevant to your services (house letting, loss adjusting, property law).  

PPC for property companies needs to be done by an experienced agency that knows about construction marketing.

How Much Would PPC For Property Companies Cost?

The costs depend on 2 factors:

  • The monthly budget to spend on the clicks (this could be £100, £1,000)
  • The retainer fee to the company – this is for setting up and managing the campaign

These are the only costs involved with paid search, so will depend on what is agreed and set up.

The cost per click (CPA) is dependent on the popularity of the key phrase.  

The more popular a search is (car insurance for example) the more it will cost over lesser searched phrases (games for cats for example).

Choosing An Agency

There are hundreds of paid advertising companies around, thousands actually; all charging different amounts.  They each set their own PPC cost, so comparing is essential.

It is wise to select someone that has marketing experience in the property or construction sector, that has a track record of success and an understanding of the housing market.

Get A Few Quotes

We do advise getting a few quotes and proposals in to compare, so you can get a few ideas on prices.  PPC for property companies does not need to be expensive, just fill in the form to find out.

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