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PPC Advertising For AccountantsCompare Quotes On PPC For Your Accountancy Firm

PPC for accountants is a must, as there are only so many positions on the first page.  

Since most people use the internet to find an accountant these days, being found online is essential.   

Just fill in the form to talk with local PPC companies that have experience in doing PPC for accountant companies.

Do Accountants Need Paid Advertising

The internet has billions of websites and in the UK there are tens of thousands of accountants.  So there is a need for you to use paid advertising on the internet.  

We would advise you using either Bing adverts, or google adwords.  Since 90% of people use Google, it makes sense to use them (despite being more expensive, there is more users).  

Paid advertising for accountants is based on setting up an advert on the side of a search engine, then each time it is clicked, a small fee is paid to the search engine for advertising cost. 

This is good, as it gets relevant visitors to a website (especially for very specific search phrases such as ‘accountants in Newbury’) for a relatively low cost each.

Most people will tend to rely on the natural results that search engines display.  However many search results for accountancy companies bring up news results, financial software, accountancy recruitment, accountant courses.  This means that paid advertising is a necessary evil.

Since most people do not go past page 1, you ‘must’ appear on their, either organically or on the paid adverts.

Think of your own actions, you click on the first 2-3 results, not go onto pages 2 or 3?

Is The PPC Working?

Back in the day, you would pay for an advert in a magazine, or on the radio and hope you get enquiries.

PPC for accounting firms can be measured via their sophisticated management systems which can offer a wide variety of filters (age, demographics, location, gender etc.).

Using a variety of keywords and split testing is important in order to find which of your adverts and campaigns produces the best measurable results.

Choosing A PPC Agency

The problem is that there are so many pay per click advertising companies around to choose from.  Many are ‘google qualified’ making it hard to choose one from another.

It is advised to select a company with experience in working in the industry, one that knows about marketing for accountants, and is successful at producing ROI. 

It is only logical using a company that knows the financial industry. A good way to check their experience is by looking at their client portfolio.

Setting Your Expectations

Sadly, not all clicks will lead to enquiries for a few reasons:

  • Some clicks will immediately leave (this is called a bounce)
  • Some clicks will click around your website and then leave
  • Some may enquire and not respond to you
  • Some may enquire and decide not to follow through
  • Some may enquire and then become a customer

PPC advertising for accountants can and does work, but having realistic expectations is important.

Measuring results is important.  If you pay £200 for 1000 clicks and you get 50 enquiries, this is very good.  However you are not paid on enquiries, you are paid on new customer invoices.

If you can convert 5 out of those 50 enquiries this is 0.5% which may or may not be good.

However if you charge £1000 to each of those 5 enquires, you have got £5000 income from £200 of advertising spend, which is good and can be built upon.

Compare Costs On PPC For Accountants

Comparing quotes is part and parcel of the world we live in, it can be done for houses, cars, food, clothes and advertising work.  Bearing in mind that all paid media agencies are there to make profit, it is wise to shop around to avoid overpaying someone and adding to their holiday fund.  PPC agency cost does vary from agency to agency.

Pay per click can be an effective form of lead generation for accountants.

To compare quotes on PPC for accountants, just fill in the form.

Finding a few companies that have experience in the financial sector (3-4 is fine) should be good to get quotes from and ensure that a fair price is paid for getting a campaign set up and managed.

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