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Since most of the people in the UK are connected online, using the internet for fundraising is an essential marketing tool.  

Therefore PPC for charities is an important part of the marketing mix for charities.  

Since there are only 10 positions on page 1 of any search engine, the only way to be seen is to use paid advertising.  

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Why Should Charities Use Paid Media?

The main reason for you to consider pay per click advertising, is that the adverts will be seen by millions each day.  

People may not click on them, but they will subconsciously note your name and respond at another time.  

Using partner programs like adsense means that your adverts can follow prospective donors around.  

Whether they go onto a news website, onto their webmail or a participating website, they will see your brand as it follows them.

There are over 200,000 charities in the UK and each one is battling for the market of donations.

As the UK is in a recession, donations are becoming harder to come by, so the need to have good viability is important otherwise donations will go to someone else.  

Charities use both Adwords and Adsense for their campaigns.

How Much Will PPC For Charities Cost?

The main cost is the cost per click, which is determined by Google.  

This is the cost each time that a visitor clicks on your advert regardless as to whether they leave or place a donation you will be charged.  

Each click will cost anything from around £0.50 up to £25,00 depending on the competition of bidders.

The more companies that are competing to appear on page one, the higher the cost will be per click.  

PPC for charities websites may be expensive due to the high competition.

The industry is competitive, therefore costs will be high to compete with.  We therefore advise using an agency that has experience in doing marketing for charities.

How Much Do Paid Advertising Agencies Charge?

A company will normally charge a monthly retainer to set up the campaign and then monitor it.

Each agency charges differently, but it is worth shopping around and comparing different proposals in order to get a feel for monthly costs.

PPC costs vary from agency to agency, sometimes by thousands a month.  Shopping around is essential.

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