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PPC Advertising For Recruitment CompaniesCompare Quotes On PPC Marketing Campaigns For UK Recruitment Companies

PPC for recruitment companies is essential, as anyone looking for a job will use the internet to find one.  

With the recruitment sector dominated by online recruitment companies like Indeed, being found is essential.  There are specialist recruitment sectors such as HealthJobs, that focus on the healthcare industry.

Just fill in the form to talk to local PPC companies that have experience in job and recruitment industry.

Do Recruitment Companies Need Paid Media?

PPC for recruitment companies is all about getting you onto page 1 on search engines.  This market is highly competitive so your competitors will be there. 

Even companies that appear naturally use paid advertising as well.  PPC gives double the exposure and brand marketing.  Paid advertising is essential in the growing internet job hunting world.

How Much Would It Cost?

PPC costs are split into two main areas:

  • The cost per click budget (that goes to the search engine)
  • The management fee that goes to the agency to set up and monitor the campaign

The cost per click will vary depending on the competitiveness of the keywords.  Some phrases will be expensive as it is a highly competitive market and they will have different management prices depending on their skills, their overheads and their profit margins.

Choosing A Company For The Campaign

There are hundreds of companies around to choose from; it is advised to select one that has experience in doing marketing in the recruitment industry

If they have worked for job companies in the past, have a track record of success, there should be no learning curve and they should achieve quicker results.

Get A Few Quotes

We do encourage getting a few proposals to compare, so you find the best agency for the best price.  

All agencies set their own fees, so the monthly retainer will vary considerably from a few hundred pounds a month to thousands.  

PPC for recruitment companies does not need to be expensive, just fill in the form to find out.

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