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Is PPC For Shops Necessary?

The problem that many retail companies and shops face, is that there is so many competitors, so much competition from other retailers trying to capture their percentage of the market.

The UK is estimated to spend 81 billion Euros on-line in 2011 and the on-line industry is growing by 18% each year.

For this reason, marketing for shops is an important tool to ensure that you are on page 1 for the searches you need to attract.

Whether this is clothes shopping, white goods, food, electronic goods etc.

If you are not appearing on page 1 for their search terms (keywords) then you are missing out on your prospective customers.

Choosing A Company

There are hundred’s of companies around the UK, big ones, freelancers, companies in the US that are offering cost effective campaigns with no set up charges.

Which company should you choose, as there are so many and many offering great support and Google qualifications to back up their claims.

It is advised to chat to an agency that has experience in this market, one that knows the on-line shopping trends.

This makes more sense than working with someone that does paid advertising for legal companies.

There are many companies around the UK, and many that do have retail marketing experience, selecting one that knows the industry is wise.

Looking around their portfolio should give you a feel for the kind of shops they have worked for, but asking for referrals should give a good idea of how effective the campaigns are.

Chatting to some of the clients should give an idea as to what they are like to work with, are they quick to get results and are the results profitable?

Compare Quotes

All paid media companies have different rate cards and set different fees for their services.

When considering PPC for shops, it is wise to ‘shop’ around for PPC prices.

This is normally dependent on their size.  As pay per click is quite a new marketing discipline experience cannot really be much more than 5 years, so it would be the size of the ad company that would really demand their fees.

Finding a cheap PPC company is not what is all about, finding a good paid advertising company that knows the retail industry and can get ROI is what is important.

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